Carolina Terrier Association Earthdog Tests

April 17-18, 2010 – Graham, NC

by Executive Field Representative Barbara Teigen

Exhibitors, judges, and spectators alike were in for a treat when they attended the Earthdog tests put on by the Carolina Terrier Association last weekend. If you combine a truly wonderful site ( Debi Sutton’s Owl Hollow Farm), a most hospitable group of people hosting the event, and gorgeous April weather in North Carolina with the azaleas in full bloom, it makes for a memorable weekend of doing with your dogs what they were bred to do.

The club offered three tests over the two days. Saturday saw 20 dogs run in the master class for Judge Richard Reynolds and the walk ups were very well done. The breed variety in the Master Class was especially notable. Along with the Border Terriers, Parson Russells, and Dachshunds which are often seen in Master, there were Norwich, Australian, Cairn, Wirehaired Fox, and West Highland White Terriers as well. At least a couple of the entrants have already earned the Endurance Earthdog title and are on their way to their second ones.

By the time master was well under way, the Intro, Junior, and Senior Classes were in full swing as well. The test areas at those levels are well situated and surrounded by split rail fencing with the addition of fine gauge mesh at the two lower levels to keep the dogs well contained. No detail is spared in making the tests smooth running including packs supplied for the judges with water on ice and bug spray should they need it.

There was a second event on Saturday with all test levels except Master and that was followed by a catered dinner of pulled pork, fried chicken and all the fixings with one more addition not often seen: live music. The four-piece Fog Blues Band performed through dinner and beyond to make this a memorable evening for all attending. Test Chairman Steve Watson even sang a song with the band.

Sunday’s test was also successful with the Master Class dogs again distinguishing themselves on the great hunt up, this time for Judge Chris Burger.

Kudos to Steve Watson, Event Secretary Pat Matsuo, and the entire event committee for a superb event enjoyed by all.

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