Cairn Terrier Club of Denver Pipes in Another AKC Earthdog Test

Cairn Terrier Club of Denver The Cairn Terrier Club of Denver started off their Earthdog tests in true Scottish style. As I walked up the driveway to the Secretary's table the sound of bagpipes wafted through the pines at Wilde Oaks Ranch in Elizabeth, CO. The May 7-8 weekend of tests were off to a great start with the haunting tones of Albert Valletta's solo concert. Albert is a member of the Isle of Mull Bagpipers and son in law of Mary Lou and Bob Wilde, owners of Wilde Oaks Ranch.

Secretary Kathy Engler Stabler expertly handled check ins and the tests started right on time in beautiful Colorado weather. Although a smattering of rain and something like hail did put in a short showing, the dogs never noticed. The Master walk up was through an open area around the Wilde house that had scattered pines and wildflowers. The dogs did a good job of covering the area and exploring the empty den on the walk up.

The Introduction to Quarry entry warranted the use of two IQ dens and so judges Bob Gann and Sandy Trzos stepped up and helped the novices when the advertised judge was unexpectedly unable to attend. Bob Gann had the pleasure on Saturday of awarding the rescue Cairn, Lindsey, with a qualifying ribbon. This little girl, now owned by Dionne and Terry School, was living on the streets of Denver only weeks ago. Her life has certainly had some dramatic changes and she handles them like a lady.

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On Saturday in the Senior class, the only qualifier was the Border, Winston, owned by Scott Annis. Scott was all smiles as he accepted the ribbon that marked the earning of Winston's Senior Earthdog title. On Sunday Winston went on to qualify in his first run in Master as well. A highlight of the Senior class on Sunday was when Susan Marshall's Miniature Schnauzer, Posey, qualified. What made it such a highlight was listening to Susan promising Posey a treat of a cheeseburger! True to her word, Susan gathered Posey up in the required time and then walked her over to the car to give her the cheeseburger she had bought that morning for her! A promise is a promise!

The Junior class held some surprises too. The ILP Parson Russell Terrier, Chloe, owned by Allison Huggins qualified both days to earn her JE title in one weekend. Cairn, Ozzie, owned and handled by Megan Welch, a Junior handler, also earned his title in one weekend. Karen Watts' wire Fox Terrier, Penny also finished her title on Sunday. Charlene Gann's Scottie Lena finished her JE title on Sunday as well as Mary Lou Wilde's Cairn, Charlie. There was celebrating after the test on Sunday!

The Cairn club opened their tests with the sound of bagpipes and closed them with a rousing celebration for the successful Cairns, PRTs, Fox Terriers, Dachshunds, Borders, Scotties and Westies. If you have a yen to see the beauty of Colorado; enjoy some wonderful terrier people and try for some Earthdog titles on your Dachshunds or terriers, I recommend a trip to the next Cairn Terrier Club of Denver Earthdog Test.

For more information on the club, please visit their website.