Atlanta Terrier Club Earthdog Test

February 10-11, 2007    Marietta, GA

Earthdog is a sport growing in popularity in the southeastern area of the country due in large part to great events like those put on by the Atlanta Terrier Club.  You must be doing something right when you draw entries of 145 and 133!  ATC didn’t just put on two Earthdog tests, however.  The day before, they ran a well-attended Earthdog Judges and Handlers seminar.  Twenty earthdoggers passed the seminar test for the first time.  Still not enough?  After Saturday’s test was finished, they ran dozens of dogs through a training clinic that awakened that “inner Earthdog” in quite a few terriers and Dachshunds.  To add to the fun of the weekend, ATC also offered some great prizes for those exceptional dogs who qualified in both master and senior at the same test (Iron Dog) and in master, senior, and junior (Enduro Dog).

One dog, Parson Russell Terrier Roxy, owned by Bennett Haynes, qualified in master and senior both days for two Iron Dog legs.  A Border Terrier, Harry, owned by Debbie Yeager, earned the Enduro Dog prize on Sunday.  Once exhibitors saw the lovely prizes for both achievements, there will be sure to be more dogs aiming for them next year.

Jim Miller Park in Marietta is a very accommodating site for these tests.  There is a wonderful headquarters building, ample parking, and easy access.  The master/senior den is located in a wooded area that offers stunning views of distant hills and a creek below.  The junior and intro dens (two of each) were in more open terrain and well situated for the public to view the dogs’ work.  Local press covered the event. 

Chairman John Behan, Secretary Debby Behan, and all the members of the Atlanta Terrier Club held a first class event at a first class location.  This is a ‘must’ event for Earthdog participants to attend any time they can!

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