Working Show Dogs Go To Ground

by Karla Deithorn, Executive Field Representative

Cal Expo is a sprawling complex used for a variety of events and the weekend of April 10/11 it was the site of a cluster of AKC events. Besides the dog shows that included a Terrier specialty, the Border Terrier Club of the Redwoods hosted two days of AKC Earthdog Tests. Many of the dogs shuttled between the show ring and the Earthdog tunnels, proving the versatility of the breeds. There were Cairns, Mini Bull Terriers, Borders, Glen of Imaals, Smooth Fox Terriers, Manchesters (Std. And Toy), Parson Russells, Wire Fox Terriers, Miniature Schnauzers and a Dachshund.

On Saturday there were 100 entries including the 31 in Introduction to Quarry. There were five Master braces, including the Manchester Terrier, Shani, run by Linda Hurley. None of the Master dogs qualified but they did a good job of hunting along the fence and trailers of the walk up. The walk up area was typical of the type of area you would hunt for rats and woodchucks. There were old buildings and trailers parked along the fencerow. The dogs did an excellent job and most were very responsive when the handlers had to call them out to the middle of the field to check out the empty den on the way to the main Master den.

In the Senior class, again, no one qualified but the dogs did well and everyone enjoyed watching the owners trying to call their dogs out of the den after the quarry was removed. In the Junior class, the Border Terrier, Dylan owned by Phyllis Schaffer got his JE title.

The Intro class was run next to a large bush and some of the dogs found the bush too intriguing to pass up. Many of the dogs like the Miniature Schnauzer, Rocky owned by Carol and Eric Hafner, found the entrance but weren't quite up to making the commitment to enter that dark tunnel yet.

On Sunday the entry was smaller with 76 total entries, including 15 in Introduction to Quarry. In the Master test there were 6 braces and the Border Terrier, Jake, owned by Lee Anderson earned his 53rd Master leg! That is a consistent worker! Hank, the Parson Russell Terrier owned by Paula Renardo and handled by Ann Wenndland, earned his first Master leg. The walk up on Sunday was from the other corner of the field and required strict obedience from the dogs as they passed close to the Junior den and walked along the parking area.

In the Senior class, there were some excellent dogs including the Miniature Bull Terrier, Nick, owned by Rita and Bob Eads. Nick finished his Senior Earthdog (SE) title! If you get a chance to see one of these little dogs work, you will be impressed with their grit. Also, the Cairn, Griffin, earned his second Senior leg and it should not be long he will be sporting the SE after his name.

The Border Terrier Club of the Redwoods is a well prepared club who had all the tools to repair a broken tunnel. They were very accomodating, within the rules, to those showing in the breed ring. And the judges all did an excellent job with the handlers and dogs. While the site is rather open and flat, the Master walk up was well thought out by the judges and the dens were situated where spectators could see what was going on. If you want a chance to watch both show and Earthdog events, this is the place to do it!

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