NCDC Hosts Earthdog Test at Sacramento All-Breed Dog Shows

Northern California Dachshund Club hosted a pair of Earthdog tests on October 29/30 at the Dixon May Fairgrounds next to the Sacramento all-breed dog shows. It was a success all around! There were many new exhibitors who came out of the show ring to let their dogs play in the dirt of the dens and prove their instincts.

NCDC offered Introduction to Quarry, Junior and Senior classes. Saturday and Sunday there were a preponderance of first time exhibitors in Introduction to Quarry. The fact that 12 out of 31 qualified on Saturday bodes well for future Earthdog tests in the area. Many of those dogs in Intro came right from the show ring or went to the show ring after working in the dens.

The Senior class had 13 on Saturday and 14 on Sunday. Few qualified but it was just a matter of time until those dogs would put it all together to qualify. One qualifier on Sunday was Terri Broderick's Cairn Terrier, Declan. Now it is on to Master, for Terri and Declan!

The Junior class was the largest class both days. Saturday there were 49 Junior entries and Sunday there were 56 Junior entries. I believe this huge Junior entry was partially due to the excellent encouragement and advice given by the Introduction to Quarry judges, Judy Baird on Saturday and Laurie Rossi on Sunday. After having success and fun in the Intro class, many exhibitors decided to give Junior a try. On Saturday, proof that show dogs CAN do performance events, the Parson Russell Terrier, Magnum, earned his first leg in Junior. Magnum was also in the top 25 last year and attended the AKC/Eukanuba show!

I think the best part about this event was watching the 'show' dogs do their natural work and prove that form does follow function. I can't encourage clubs enough to think about holding their performance event in conjunction with an all breed show in your area. This NCDC Earthdog test was proof that it will draw newcomers to your sport and even spectators from other breeds who are curious about your event. NCDC was well organized; considered the exhibitors who were competing in both breed and Earthdog; and gave dogs and people a chance to participate in a performance event that tested their dogs' instincts. Kudos to this active, organized, friendly club!

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