Sometimes It Is a Matter of Heart

by Karla Deithorn, Executive Field Representative

We often forget in our quest for titles that, while form and function have to be there for a good all around dog, there is another trait that is necessary. Without the heart to perform the tasks they are bred for, all the good conformation is for naught.

At the Western Pennsylvania Dachshund Club trial on June 12 and 13, a West Highland White Terrier showed how conformation and heart can produce a truly remarkable dog. Ch. Highlands Love Ya Chauncey, JE, CGC had major surgery in January of this year. Now Chauncey is a 10 year old dog, with a very successful show career and a career as a stud dog, producing Champion get, he had to overcome this challenge. After the removal of part of his lower jaw due to a fast growing cancer, Chauncey came to the Earthdog test in Donegal, PA to show just how well he had recovered.

Chauncey worked his way into the den and barked with determination at the rats. He not only qualified on Saturday but did a repeat performance on Sunday to earn his Junior Earthdog title a mere 5 months after his major surgery.

Sometimes we forget about that invisible quality in our quest to breed the 'perfect dog' and then a dog like Chauncey comes along to remind us how special they really are.

Chauncey enters the den on his way to his Junior Earthdog title. Chauncey at the end of his quest for the rats with Judge Richard Reynolds looking on.
CH Highlands Love Ya Chauncey JE,CGC Shown after achieving his JE title 5 months after major surgery to remove a large portion of his lower jaw due to an amyloid producing ondontogentic malignant tumor.This successful surgery was performed at the Pittsburgh Veterinary Surgical Hospital by Dr. John Payne DVM who would assist anyone with this problem at(412)492-9920. Richard Reynolds was his title judge and he wrote on the back of his ribbon“A balanced dog has a title at both ends”.