Greater Twin Cities Su Mac Cairn Terrier Club Earthdog Test

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Saturday, September 10, 2005 the Greater Twin Cities Su Mac Cairn Terrier Club held their Earthdog Test on the second day of the Wooden Apple Circuit. Friday was hosted by the Minnesota Dachshund Club and Sunday was the domain of the Greater Twin Cities Fox Terrier Club.

Cairn Club member, Jo Ann Bucholz, did a wonderful job of getting exhibitors checked in so Master judge, Cassia Drake could start her class of 6 entries on time. Cassia was faced with a challenging layout for a Master walk up. An open, flat grass field bordered on one side by apple trees and the other was trees and underbrush. There was a straight, open run to the den area which most of the competing dogs knew well. Cassia laid a random scent line from the end of the apple trees across the grass to some cover on the far side. She started the dogs at the end of the apple trees and all of them eagerly took the line to the cover. Once there, they all hunted into the cover and worked to find their quarry. Once past the fenced-in Junior den, Cassia took the braces back across the grass to the empty den near the apple trees. After checking the empty den, she took them back across the field to another scent line that ran to the hedgerow and all the dogs again took the line and hunted the hedgerow well. All three braces did an excellent job of showing their hunting ability and only a few had trouble with their obedience. This was probably some of the best hunting I have seen in a class of Master dogs. This was a case of the judge using the random scent lines in a manner that allowed the dogs to display their hunting ability at its best.

Cassia also judged the Introduction to Quarry class and did an excellent job with the Novice dogs and handlers. The fact that the clubs hold regular practice sessions through the year showed when 11 out of 16 dogs passed in IQ.

In the Junior class judge Ann Brodie only had 3 out of 12 qualify which attests to the big step up from IQ to Junior. One of those qualifying was Oh Mar, a standard longhair Dachshund, owned by Lee Carson. Oh Mar went on to finish his JE title this weekend.

Senior judge, Carol Anderson, had 9 out of 20 qualify. One of those was Junior Handler, Colton Cheney, who handled his mother, Barbara Cheney's Parson Russell, Stinger. Stinger and Colton qualified all three days of the Wooden Apple Circuit and earned their SE title. Colton also handled a dog for his mother in the Junior class and again earned a title on Sunday.

The Minnesota Dachshund club, Greater Twin Cities Su Mac Cairn Terrier Club and the Greater Twin Cities Fox Terrier Club have made the Wooden Apple Earthdog Circuit into a showcase of how clubs can cooperate to bring exhibitors a great set of events. These three clubs share workers, judges and finances to create an Earthdog circuit that is not to be missed.