Cairn Terrier Club of America Hosts Earthdog Test
To End Big Terrier Weekend

by Karla Deithorn, Executive Field Representative

An annual event after the huge Montgomery Terrier show is the huge Earthdog test held at Village Green Farm in Crosswicks, NJ. This year the entry was well over 200. The test was hosted by the Cairn Terrier Club of America and the Committee and Judges did a bang up job!

The day started with check in beginning at 8am. ME Judge, Mary Lou Wilde started her Master Class of 18 braces on time. In the end there were 10 qualifiers.

At 9am Senior class Judge, Joyce Moore, and her apprentice, Brenda Weintraub, started their class of 45 entries. The two were comfortably ensconced in the shadow of a spreading chestnut tree and some bushes screened them from the dogs' view. A few of the dogs found the entrance easily. Oliver, the Glen of Imaal Terrier was one. The Glens made their debut into the regular classes at the Montgomery Terrier show and they made a strong showing at the Earthdog Test also. Other breeds who tried their hand at the Senior Class were a Welsh, Norfolk, Westies, Dachshund, and a variety of others. Again, there were 10 dogs who qualified in the Senior class.

The Junior class started at 9:30am. Judge Floyd Kuntz and his apprentice were hidden at the end of the Junior den in the hedgerow. Handlers released their dogs at the edge of the hedgerow into the den entrance. There were 10 qualifiers out of the 63 entries. One of the most inspiring was Junior Handler, Ashleigh Westervelt with her NEW Junior Earthdog Welsh Terrier, Evie.

The IQ class with an entry of 71 started promptly at 10am. The class of novice dogs and, sometimes, novice handlers is a joy to watch. Judge Ann Brodie offered encouragement to dog and handler alike. The Mini Bull Terrier, Chip, owned by Kate Bedell tried his hand in the IQ class. Junior Handler C.T. Giese did a good job urging his Border Terrier, Bunny, to get the rats. And Vegas, a Westie owned by Daniel Graham also tested out the IQ class.

The trial ran smoothly with plenty of gate stewards to keep things moving. Chairman, Marie Quarles admitted to being exhausted by the end of the test. But the exhibitors smiles showed that all her work and the work of her committee was well worth it. Hosting the Earthdog test after the huge Montgomery Terrier Show is a major chore. The Cairn Terrier Club of America dispatched that chore with aplomb!

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