Southeast Border Terrier Association Hosts Earthdog Test

by Karla Deithorn, Executive Field Representative

December 4, 2004 the Southeast Border Terrier Association hosted an Earthdog test at the Marchlinski residence in Sloans Ridge, FL. The committee of Kathleen and Jo Schrimpf, Sec. Teri Beverly, Laura Golden, Linda Singleton and Carol Simpson ran an efficient event that kept the comforts of the exhibitors and their dogs in mind.

Master Judge, JoAnn Frier-Murza, started her orientation by holding up the rulebook and reminding exhibitors that when they signed their entry they verified that they had read the rules. There were some sheepish looks and a scurry for the Sec. Table to check out the rules. JoAnn then proceeded to give a very informative orientation that clarified exactly what she expected from the exhibitors and a clarification of the new rules that went into effect April 1, 2004. Each exhibitor took to the field knowing what was expected. Her walk up was a new one for the Master test at this site and tested the dogs in a variety of cover. She had laid a few scent trails and they worked well to keep the dogs focused on their job and on the course she had laid out. First time Master exhibitor, Lesley Kenwood, with her mini Dachshund, Sparkle, did an excellent job of demonstrating a picture perfect honor on her run. Unfortunately, Sparkle did not pass but it won’t be long she will be an ME Dachshund !

Intro Judge, Brenda Swanson, did an excellent job with the novice dogs and handlers. Everyone went away feeling they had accomplished something and with excellent training tips from Brenda.

JoAnn Frier-Murza also judged the Senior class and she also offered some excellent tips to the exhibitors who did not pass. Those who did pass came away giving the thumbs up sign to the spectators.

Joe Schrimpf judged the Junior class of 45 and did an excellent job with dogs and handlers.

All the judges did a great job of educating as well as judging. It is nice to see a panel of judges do so well as it enhances the event for the exhibitors. The spectators got a treat at this test as the variety of dogs ranged from Borders to Dachshunds to Parsons to Ceskys to Westies to a Manchester in Master ! Congratulations to the Southeast Border Terrier Association on a well-run, fun event !

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