Tropical Toy Dog Fanciers of Hawaii


Tropical Toy Dog Fanciers of Hawaii

The Tropical Toy Dog Fanciers of Hawaii held their 8th all Toy Group Dog Show and Obedience Trial on October 23, 2005. The show was held in Thomas Square in Honolulu, Hawaii. Rain had been coming down all day Saturday, but the weather cleared up for the toy group show. Mrs. Vicki Abbott from Fairview, Texas was the judge and Mr. Winston Kupau and Dr. Sheila Conant judged the Obedience competition.

Best in Group was a Pomeranian (Woodrose’s Snickerdoodle) owned by Clarice M. and Yvette H. Oganeku. All Best of Breed winners are listed beneath the photos.

Video Clips:
You will need to download the flash player to view the clips. Click on image for caption and larger view. Photos by Robert Young/AKC.

Best of Breed Winners

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Group 2)
Name: Redcrest Silver Sierra
Owner: Darlene Tsubota (Agent: Jessica Smith)

Breed: Chihuahua (Long Coat)
Name: Island's All That Jazz
Owner: Cynthia E. Edlao

Breed: Chihuahua (Smooth Coat) (Group 3)
Name: Ch. RB's Rock My World
Owner: Scott Yamane and Chrisanta Hilario-Yamane

Breed: Chinese Crested
Name: Makalea's Willy Wonka
Owner: Betty Lou Scott and Mary Ann Hillyard

Breed: Italian Greyhound
Name: Ravencroft Still Waters
Owner: Wandy Yurong

Breed: Maltese
Name: Porcelain Z-Z Charmed Zoreyn Beau
Owner: Karen T. Awazu and Dawn E. Delos Reyes

Breed: Papillon (Group 4)
Name: Ch. Okekai-Chrysalis Red Alert
Owner: Wade and Susan Wakuzawa

Breed: Pekingese
Name: Ch. Da Mao's Black Forest Cake
Owner: Cheryl S. Chang

Breed: Pomeranian (Best in Group)
Name: Woodrose's Snickerdoodle
Owner: Clarice M. and Yvette H. Oganeku

Breed: Poodle (Toy)
Name: Ch. Norjean's Shogun of Bradlene
Owner: Bradley K. Odagiri and Arlene A. Odagiri

Breed: Pug
Name: Ch. Kedy's Bullie Bear
Owner: Mie and Marshall Wells and Megan Commander

Breed: Shih Tzu
Name: Xeralane's Face Away Controversy
Owner: Xeralane Kennel (Agent: Adrian Agard)

Breed: Toy Fox Terrier
Name: Foxflame Little China Doll
Owner: Linda and Regan Yamada

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Name: Isle De Portofino
Owner: Richard and Nina Ichishima and Cheryl Gallagher