American Spaniel Club
January 9, 2004

The American Spaniel Club has been in existence since 1881, preceding the American Kennel Club. There is no other event dedicated to Flushing Spaniels anywhere in the world. We are fortunate to have the tradition and experience of this club to ring in the New Year.

The show was conducted in memory of Annette Davies, who served the American Spaniel Club in numerous positions over the years and was the delegate to the AKC. Annette bred American Cocker Spaniels under the Feinlyne prefix. All fanciers and exhibitors missed her presence.

The show was held at the Adams Mark Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This years total entry was 1217. Judging commenced on Friday January 9, with the Obedience Classes and the Futurity for the American Cocker Spaniels. Sweepstakes for English Cockers, English Springers, Welsh Springers, Clumbers, Field and Sussex took place Friday evening.

Breed seminars on the American Cocker, Welsh and Clumber were conducted along with ringside mentoring, further enhancing the educational experience of attending this event.

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