AKC’s Canine Good Citizen®


You've seen their pictures in the newspaper. A police department's K-9 unit dog has tracked down a criminal, or a Search and Rescue dog has found a child who was lost in the woods. These are tracking dogs and tracking is an activity that you and your do can do while enjoying the great outdoors.

The AKC's tracking tests allow dogs to demonstrate their natural ability to recognize and follow human scent. Tracking is a fun, outdoor activity that provides great exercise, fresh air, and fun for both dogs and their owners.

Unlike Agility and Obedience events that require a dog to qualify three times to get a title, your dog only needs to complete one track successfully to earn each title. In tracking, dogs can earn the TD (Tracking Dog), TDX (Tracking Dog Excellent) and VST (Variable Surface Tracking titles. Dogs who have earned all three titles earns the prestigious title of Champion Tracker.

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