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You've probably seen it on television. A dog running at a fast speed through a tunnel, jumping over a jump, and crossing the finish line as the crowd screams and cheers. Welcome to the exciting world of AKC Agility.

Agility is the fast-paced event where dogs race against the clock over an obstacle course that includes jumps, tunnels, weave poles, and other obstacles such as an A-frame, dog-walk, and chute.

In agility, the dog works off-lead and the owner and dog must communicate quickly as they move from one obstacle to the next. Jump heights are determined by a dog's height at the shoulder so dogs of any size can compete fairly in agility.

There are four types of agility courses, Standard, Jumpers With Weaves, FAST, Time 2 Beat. For each type of course, there are 4 primary levels of titles that can be earned: Novice (NA and NAJ), Open (OA and OAJ), Excellent (AX and AXJ) and Master (MX and MXJ). Competitors can choose to enter their dogs in Preferred Classes which offers lower jump heights and additional time to accommodate all breeds of dogs, as well as older dogs. The Preferred Classes are titling classes with Novice, Open, and Excellent/Master levels in Standard, Jumpers With Weaves, FAST, and Time 2 Beat.

Beyond the regular titles, dogs can go on to earn the coveted Master Agility Champion (MACH) and/or Preferred Agility Champion (PACH) titles that recognizes dogs that exhibit superior performance in the sport.

To get started in agility, an active, exciting and athletic event for you and your dog, contact the AKC Agility clubs in your area.