International Team Tryouts (ISC) Qualifying Events

There are six major ISC qualifying events for the 2015 AKC/USA Agility World Team Tryouts in Hopkins, Minn. "Clean run" scores from the following ISC Classes at 14, 18 and 26-inches may be used to fulfill the minimum requirements of 8 Std/8 JWW requirements. In addition, ISC Combined Class winners at these events will receive an invitation to the World Team Tryouts. The 2015 Agility World Championship is scheduled to be held in Italy. The following events will feature ISC qualifiers:

2016 Qualifiers (more to come)

A "clean run" consists of a run without time or course faults. Minimum YPS requirements are waived for these scores, as long as the dog is under the course time set by the judge for that class. Two ISC jumpers and two ISC standard scores may be used to fulfill the minimum requirements.