2013 World Agility Championships

Congratulations to Team Coach, Ann Braue and all of the 2013 AKC/USA Agility World Team Members – Tinna Brown, Barb Davis, Kathleen Desvigne, Korey Kaye, Jay Kessel, Greg Kirmeier, Alicia Nicholas, and Deb Schulman. One more big thank you to Team Leader, Steve Croxford from Britain who worked with our team while in South Africa. And finally, thank you to photographer Lisa Jack who travelled with the team to capture the 2013 Agility World Championship for the team and the AKC.

The 2013 World Team came home with a very exciting list of placements:

Silver Medalist, Small Dog – Korey Kaye & Kaemon
2nd Place, Small Dog Indiv. Agility – Barb Davis & Skecher
2nd Place, Small Dog Team Jumping – Barb David, Korey Kaye, Jay Kessel & Alicia Nichols
3rd Place, Large Dog Team Agility – Kathleen Desvigne & Vivian!
3rd Place, Large Dog Team Jumping – Tinna Brown, Kathleen Desvigne, Greg Kirmeier
4th Place, Medium Dog Indiv Agility – Deb Schulman & Spencer
4th Place, Small Dog Agility – Korey Kaye & Kaemon
4th Place, Medium Dog, Combined Score – Deb Schulman & Spencer
5th Place, Small Dog Agility – Alicia Nichols & Ho
6th Place, Medium Dog Jumping – Deb Schulman & Spencer
6th Place, Small Dog Indv Jumping – Korey Kaye & Kaemon
6th Place, Small Dog Team Agility – Korey Kaye & Kaemon
8th Place, Small Dog, Combined Score – Alicia Nichols & Ho
10th Place, Large Dog Jumping – Greg Kirmeier & Robbie
10th Place, Large Dog Combined Score – Greg Kirmeier & Robbie