2010 World Agility Championships

Day Three – October 3, 2010

The third and final day of competition brings the Individual dogs to the line to determine the 2010 FCI Agility World Champions. The AKC/USA Team sponsored by ilovedogs.com has 9 dogs competing today.

Small Dogs were had the first Agility course of the day. In Europe the Agility class is the same as the AKC Standard class. There are a few obstacles that are a bit different. The double jump is approximately as wide as it is high for each height and is built from 2 jumps being slid together. There is a Viaduct jump which looks like a wall with half round “pipes” across the top of the jump and finally there is the table. The handler can choose the position the dog takes on the table. The table has an electronic mat on it that starts counting once the dog is on the table. The speaker is under the table and when it starts beeping rapidly the dog is allowed to leave the table. If a dog comes off with one or more feet the judge will signal a fault and the table counter will stop. The judge will then continue the count verbally once the dog is back on the table with four feet. Most dogs sand on the table, but there are a few downs and a couple of dogs doing great prairie dog impersonations to the delight of the crowd.

All the courses for today’s competition can be found on the AKC website.

Dee Gamel and Kelsi started off the morning for Team USA by being the 2nd dog on the course. They did a lovely job through the course opening. Too Dee Anna’s surprise Kelsi knocked the double jump at #9 as she was starting into the 270 turn. This gave them a 5 point fault and as they continued on the course Kelsi got more excited with all of the energy from the crowd and found herself a wrong course. They finished the course strong and Dee Anna and Kelsi finished the course with big smiles – even at this level of competition they showed that Agility is still fun for dogs and handlers. 9 dogs later team newcomers Anne Slocum and Breeze tackled the morning’s challenge. Anne worked very hard to avoid the refusal at #6 were many dogs faulted and she was successful. Unfortunately the weave pole entry was not as kind to them & they received a refusal call there. This was the most faulted place on the course as the dogs came into the weave pole entry almost perpendicular. As they finished the course Anne scooped up Breeze for a hug, further cementing the reputation that Team USA has for showing how much they enjoy working with their dogs. This is often commented on by the other teams and coaches – how much our team truly respect their dogs as part of the team. The final Small Dog to the line for the AKC Team was Wave with Marcy Mantell. Wave was very animated at the start line and as they started the course Marcy had to work to keep Wave off of jump #1 as they turned to the AFrame at #4. While she did get her up the Aframe it shifted their timing and Wave’s line one the course which put them out of sync going into the 5-6-7 sequence. Wave took #5 & 6, but then turned back and took #6 again for an elimination call. Wave continued thru the course with Marcy right thru the final jump where they both were greeted by the AKC Team Coach, Asst. Coach and AKC Agility Director for doing a good job representing the AKC.

Medium Dog Individual Agility presented the next challenge to the AKC/USA Team. Diane Goodspeed and Demon got the chance to watch 49 teams go before it was their turn to give the course a try. Demon and Diane fought off a refusal call early on the course and continued on to a clean course with a time of 35.80. At the end of the day this strong effort put them in 15th place out of the 79 teams running for their 1st time at the World Championship. Karen Holik and her 9 year old Sheltland Sheepdog Sizzle were next up for the AKC Team. Sizzle showed that he was still as fast as ever as he was flying around the course with Karen. His enthusiasm took him off the bottom of the dog walk a little high for a missed contact as they were driving towards the double jump. They continued their run with Sizzle’s enthusiasm still very high. They drove thru the teeter cleanly which had gotten quite a few calls as the dogs left early for the tire. Sizzle didn’t and showed how well a teeter can be done.

Last to the line for the Medium Individual for the AKC/USA Team and in 5th place was John Nys and Rush who he co-owns with Paulette Swartzendruber. Paulette was there in the stands cheering them on as they stepped to the line. Rush started at the line with his usual enthusiasm, leaping into the air and with John patiently getting him settled in to start. John and Rush took off over jump #1 and never looked back, they laid down the run of the weekend for this team new to the World Competition. 33.07 seconds later they crossed the finish jump and that was good enough to put them up into 1st place with 4 more dogs to go. It was not until the number one Team of Natasha Wise and Dizzy finished the course in 32.06 seconds were John and Rush bumped into the Silver Medal position. John & Rush’s run placed them 3rd in the Agility class also. This is certainly a fairytale ending to their story. John and Rush have been working together for the past year as Paulette was under going an aggressive cancer treatment. They were National Agility Champions at the AKC Agility Nationals in March 2010 and have now captured a Silver medal at the 2010 FCI World Agility Championships.

The final course for the day was the Large Dog Individual Competition with 122 dogs entered. Ann Braue and her Border Collie Scream. This is the second dog that Ann has had on the AKC World Team and as they ran the course it was obvious why she has been a repeat team member. She and Scream worked as teams thru a course with multiple tunnel /contact discriminations, a push out weave entry and many slice jumps. They made it look easy as they went clean with a time of 37.98. The next team was Channan Fosty and Icon. The difficult weave pole entry got this team a refusal call. Icon looked good running the course and finished by really flying over the last jump.

Daisy Peel and her Border Collie Solar came to the line in 30th place after the Individual Jumping course on Saturday. That certainly sparked the competitive spirit in Daisy. She and Solar put down a run that left no doubt in anyone’s mind why they were part of the 2010 team. There was not a bauble or hesitation in their run. Their split second dog walk left the crowd gasping and clapping for the spectacular performance on that piece of equipment 35.41 second time kept them up in 1st place until the final 8 dogs ran.. At the end of the competition and when the dust literally settled Daisy had placed 3rd in the Individual Agility Class and 6th overall out of 122 dogs in the Large Dog competition.

Final Results for the AKC/USA World Team:
Silver Medalist – John Nys and Rush (combined Jumping & Agility scores)
2nd Place Small Dog Team Jumping (Marcy Mantell & Wave, Heidi Vania & Ice, Dee Anna Gamel & Kelsi)
2nd Place Large Dog Team Agility (Terry Smorch & Presto, Anne Braue & Scream, Channan Fosty & Icon)
2nd Place John Nys and Rush – Team Small Dog Jumping
2nd Place Marcy Mantell and Wave – Team Small Dog Jumping
2nd Place Marcy Mantell and Wave – Team Small Dog Agility
3rd Place Channan Fosty & Icon – Team Agility Large Dog
3rd Place John Nys and Rush Medium Dog Agility
3rd Place Daisy Peel and Solar Large Dog Agility
4th Place Dee Anna Gamel and Kelsi – Team Small Dog Agility
4th Place Medium Team Jumping (John Nys & Rush, Karen Holik & Sizzle, Maureen Waldron & Mickle)
5th Place John Nys and Rush Medium Dog Jumping
6th Place Daisy Peel and Solar Large Dog Combined
7th Place Marcy Mantell and Wave Small Dog Individual Jumping
7th Place Medium Team Combined (John Nys & Rush, Karen Holik & Sizzle, Maureen Waldron & Mickle)
7th Place Large Dog Team Combined (Terry Smorch & Presto, Anne Braue & Scream, Channan Fosty & Icon)
8th Place John Nyes and Rush – Team Small Dog Agility
10th Place Terry Smorch and Presto – Team Large Dog Jumping

At the close of the 15th Anniversary FCI Agility World Champion ship it was announced that next year’s even will be hosted by France in the city of Lieven. Watch the AKC website for more information and the event site at www.agilityworldchampionshiplievin2011.fr