2010 World Agility Championships

Day One – October 1, 2010

It was a rainy cold day today in Reiden Germany, but you would never have known it from inside the Ostbayernhalle where there was lots of cheering, dancing and air horns going on all day to celebrate the many brilliant teams that have come to compete at the 2010 FCI Agility World Championship.� Each of the teams paraded in waving flags and waving to the crowd that had come to cheer for them for Opening Ceremonies.� After the show officials welcomed everyone to the event the crowd was entertained with a talented troupe of dogs to start off the weekend and help remind us that we are all here for fun,

Today is a Team competition day starting with Large, then Medium and finally Small Dog Jumping.� Then Large dogs will take to the ring one more time to run the Agility (standard course).� The Champion Large dog team will be crowned based on the combined scores of all 3 dogs on their team from the Jumping and Agility courses.

The AKC Large Dog team was the 1st to compete this morning..� The course was designed and judged by German Judge Sabine Mac Nelly.� Standard course time was 41 seconds and 190 yards with a YPS of 4.6.� In 1st looking at the course Team Coach Nancy Gyes felt the most challenging sections would be 5-6-7-8 and 15-16-17.� In looking at the statistics she was right on target.� The other most faulted obstacle was the double jump that was taken after the chute.� The double is about 26 inches high and 22 inches wide for Large dogs.� Returning team member Channon Fosty and her Border Collie, Icon tackled the course first.� They worked the 1st half of the course with speed and confidence, as they started the second half Icon found a tunnel opening that got them a wrong course call.� They finished strong, but it was elimination for their run.� Next up was Terry Smorch running with his Border Collie, Presto.� Presto was having a lot of fun on the course and his teamwork with Terry netted them a clean round and a time of 35.75.� The last dog to run for the Large Dog Team was Border Collie, Scream with his owner Ann Braue.� They had what most thought was a flawless run, but unfortunately the judge made a �fault�call for touching the dog.� This gave this otherwise perfect team a 5 fault penalty on their 38.91 second run.� Only 2 Teams went completely clear in this round.� Spain who finished in 1st place, and Sweden who finished in 2nd place, the other 29 teams had at least 5 faults.

The Medium Dog Team ran next on a Jumping course designed by Nalle Jansson from Sweden.� This course was a nice mix of some interesting angles and a fast finish.� The most faults occurred at jump #15 as dogs typically got a refusal call as handlers tried to push them out to it from #14.� The closing sequence from #17 to 20 was a fun one that many handlers were able to get great speed on as they sliced their dogs across #16.� Again, the double jump was a problem on a course and was knocked down by a few dogs.
None of these challenging elements slowed up the AKC/USA World Medium Team.� AKC World Team newcomer John Nyes running Rush (owned by Paulette Swartzendruber) blazed through the course with a clean run in 26.50 seconds.� Then Maureen Waldron and her Shetland Sheepdog Mickle aced the course with a time of 30.22.� Karen Holik and Sizzle started the team off with a smooth, fast run and finished with a time of 28.71.� The course yardage was 150 yards, time of 34 seconds for a YPS of 4.40. Their combined efforts put the Medium team in 4th place overall, which is a great spot to be going into their 2nd round tomorrow.

The final Team to run for the day was the Small Dogs.� This course was also designed by German Judge, Sabine Mac Nelly.� The course yardage was measured at 167 yards, course time was 36 seconds with a YPS of Dee Anna Gamel and Kelsi worked through their Jumping class nerves with a solid run and a time of 33.01.� Dee Anna was concerned prior to the run about the multiple tunnel openings and the entrance to the weave poles, but Kelsi laid those fears to rest as she worked with Dee Anna through the whole course.� Alaskan Heidi Vania and her Shetland Sheepdog Ice showed that they were ready to compete this weekend when they made the course look easy as they flew through it in 31.25 seconds.� Finally 4 time World Team members Marcy Mantell and Shetland Sheepdog Wave showed why they had won a gold medal in 2008 by laying down a clean run and posting a time of 30.14. This was fast enough to put them in 2nd place among the individuals who ran the Small Dog Team Jumping competition.� The AKC/USA World Team was in 2nd place at the end of the competition for the day.� They were recognized at the end of the day for this achievement with an award presented by a German dignitary.

Large Dog Team Agility (Standard) closed out the day.� This was the second of the 2 runs that are combined to name the World Champion for the Large Dog Team.� The team started in 21st place coming into this final round.� With 3 great, accurate and fast runs by Terry Smorch, Ann Braue and Channon Fosty� the USA team moved up dramatically in the rankings.� Terry and Presto ran the course in 43.46 seconds.� Ann Braue and Scream finished in 42.85 and Channan Fosty with Icon completed their run in 40.69 seconds.�� This course was designed by Swedish Judge Nalle Jensen.� The opening from 1-3 was very smooth for the majority of teams, the angle of jump #2 did not create many problems.� Later on the course 4-5 to the #6 weave poles did create many problems for teams.� The AKC Large dog team finished the day in 7th place overall for the 2010.� Only the Swedish Team that was named the 2010 Large Dog Team World Championships finished the day with no errors.

Tomorrow will be the Individual Jumping Competition and the Team Agility for the Medium and Small Teams.� We are doing updates all day on the AKC Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/search/?q=american&init=quick&tas=search_preload#!/AmericanKennelClub?ref=ts