World Agility Championships

AKC/USA World Agility Championship Team
Oslo, Norway

The FCI World Agility Championship wrap up

After traveling nearly 5,000 miles for three days of competition, the USA/AKC agility team took home both silver and bronze medals. The journey itself would be stressful enough, but competing for your country truly ramps up the emotions.

Was this year's team a success? Absolutely! The pairs left nothing at the start line and ran their hearts out and. In the end, each member played with their dog after each and every run to let their canine partners know they did great. This emphasized that winning is important but also that they got there as a team.

Some things that may have gone unnoticed this year: Sharon Anderson, director of AKC Agility was invited to walk in the opening and closing ceremonies with the FCI Delegates. (AKC is not a member of FCI, only an invited guest). She also attended the FCI delegates meeting on Monday.

Karen Holik placed fourth in the medium height class on Sunday.

Yes, this year was a success -- winning two medals -- but it was much more than that. This team representing the USA/AKC showed the world agility community the pride they take in running for their country and the love they have for their dogs.

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