World Agility Championships

September 28-30, 2007
By Sharon Anderson, AKC World Team leader

AKC/USA World Agility Championship Team Sets off for Global Competition

The AKC/USA World Agility Team is in the final stages of preparations for departure to Norway on Saturday, Sept 22, for the FCI 2007 Agility World Championship. This departure is noticeably different from past years, as there was not one single airline that would take all 12 dogs! Continental is the only airline that flies direct to Oslo, Norway, and it doesn't allow dogs. Thanks to the efforts of Toni Osojnicki, team manager, tryouts secretary and travel coordinator, solutions were found, and flights booked. Twelve team members are departing from several locations within the United States and will gather in various European locales, such as Amsterdam, before all meet up in Oslo. Due to Norway's restrictions regarding rented buses, vans had to be located to transport the entire team, dogs included.

Osojnicki has prearranged a side-trip to the Fjords of Norway for supporters traveling with the team. The Fjords are one of the must-sees of Europe, and the three-day-trip by train, ferry and bus will be supervised by AKC Delegate Maureen Setter. The group will arrive back to the show site in plenty of time to cheer the AKC team on at the actual championship.

The team will face new challenges this year, such as the new electronic table that will be used. Coach Nancy Gyes and Assistant Coach Kathie Leggett have worked with the team to prepare for this piece of equipment that none of our dogs have ever used. Thanks to highly beneficial team practices held in Wisconsin and Ohio, team members are confident in their ability to face any unforeseen or new challenges. Jean Lavalley, a veterinarian, will also be traveling with team as a volunteer.

Daily stories and pictures will be sent from Oslo and Hamar as the adventure unfolds. The team plans to rest on Monday, practice at an Oslo soccer center on Tuesday and practice Wednesday in Hamar, where the actual competition takes place. Thursday will be hectic day with the team vet check and captains' meetings. The actual competition begins on Friday, Sept. 28.

There are 34 countries with 337 dogs competing. Think thoughts of gold and clean runs. Supporter shirts are available for purchase through Clean Run Productions, LLC. All proceeds go toward the team's travel costs. Keep checking back for updates and pictures!

Thank you for your continued support.

Sharon Anderson, Team Leader.