World Agility Championships

September 28-30, 2007

AKC/USA World Team Practice 2007 Wisconsin

The AKC/USA World Agility Championship team held their first practice in Eau Claire, Wisconsin on July 5,6, 7, 2007.  The donated building of Ann Braue, Ann Braue Canine Training Center, was well used by the AKC world team that would compete in Norway.  The twelve team members spent 3 days preparing for the upcoming World Agility Championship to be held in Hamar, Norway on Sept 28 -30, 2007.  Coach Nancy Gyes and Ass’t Coach, Kathie Leggett had many courses, drills and sequences for the team to work thorough.   The record high heat didn’t stop the outdoor drills but the indoor, air conditioned ring on carpet that simulated the flooring in Norway was a welcome relief.

Mary Tischnor generously donated all the food for the weekend for the team members and volunteers.  The menu was a delight of steak, shrimp, chicken, ham and so much more.

Team Leader, Sharon Anderson, AKC Agility Director and team manager, Toni Osojnicki lead meetings of the organizational part of the trip to Norway, discussing flights and hotels and transportation for the team and supporters  The supporters traveling with the team will enjoy a side trip to the Fjords of Norway. 
This three day trip includes one of the most sought after train rides in Europe.

The competition held in Hamar is the same site of the 1994 Olympics. Olympia Hall is Europe’s largest wooden building.  The venue will hold thousands of spectators that will be watching the best in the world compete.  It is expected that over 30 countries will be represented along with the USA.

Watch for further updates on the AKC/USA World Team as they prepare for their competition.

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