World Agility Championships

AKC/USA World Agility Championship Team
Oslo, Norway
Day Two — September 25, 2007

All team members are in Oslo and ready to run. Alison Parr and her Sheltie, Sadie, reached Oslo a day later than the rest of the team. They are tired but in good shape and ready.

Team practice was held in an indoor soccer center in Ski, Norway. Without international GPS, the team may never have found the center in the middle of an industrial park. The surface was similar to the World Championship carpet and provided good practice for all. The hospitality of the local agility groups, who donated their equipment and time for team practice, was appreciated by all.

Practice provided a good opportunity for both dogs and handlers to stretch their muscles. The complicated practice courses had been used at European trials. These courses included threadles, bounce jumps and long runs by dogs and handlers in a straight line. The seesaw used at the practice was a surprise for the dogs, as it was unlike anything previously presented to them. The pause table practice with a simulated counter proved all dogs were prepared for the new piece of equipment should they encounter it during competition.

Team members posed for traditional picture taking in full uniform on the beautiful grounds of the Royal Palace.

The team will get an early start for the drive to Hamar on Wednesday and will check in at the Rica Hotel for the rest of their stay in Norway. Then teams from 34 countries will gather as the time to compete draws nearer.

Bottom left Kathie Leggette assistant coach, Carrie Jones, Linda Mecklenburg, Allison Parr, Lori Michaels, Karen Holik, Andrea Samuels, Marcy Mantell, Dee Anna Gamel, Jennifer Crank, Daisy Peel, Ann Braue and Nancy Gyes coach