World Agility Championships

AKC/USA World Agility Championship Team
Oslo, Norway
Day Three — September 26, 2007

Wednesday morning was filled with packing suitcases and making every inch count in the vans in order to fit 21 people and dogs, luggage, crates and more. Thanks to John York and his vehicle, we made it. Off to Hamar!

Oslo to Hamar was a beautiful two-hour ride through the countryside. Lake Mojara, which is miles and miles long, afforded breathtaking views. There was no doubt we were in the heart of Norwegian territory when we entered the small community of Hamar.

Check-in at the Rica Hotel was quick and efficient. Then the team practiced outdoors in a lovely park by the lake, courtesy of the local agility club. The renewing of old friends from many countries began by practicing with Puerto Rico, Portugal, Canada, Finland and Poland. Practice was outstanding and ended when the rain moved in.

The return to the hotel provided fun meeting up with all the supporters who had traveled to the Fjords. They raved about the beautiful countryside. To their joy, they spotted a most majestic moose.

The Rouser Dinner was attended by all. AKC presented team supporters with gift pins made especially for the trip. The team members presented gifts to everyone and thanked them for their support in the difficult road to the podium. Win or lose, the cheering means so much to the hard-working team members.

Tomorrow begins with an early veterinary check and practice on the competition surface. A captains meeting will be held late afternoon to present each country�s running order and dogs in competition. This is determined at the end of the country�s practice time. The USA will receive 17 minutes to practice.

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