World Agility Championships

AKC/USA World Agility Championship Team
Oslo, Norway
Day Six — September 29, 2007

First Up: Agility Team Small
Course Length 155 meters
Standard Course Time 43 seconds
Maximum course time 70 seconds
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Team USA/AKC was 14th in the running order for Small dog team.

Melanie Del Villaggio and her dog Dara
Melanie stepped up to the line and positioned herself carefully between jump 2 and the tunnel. Then she and Dara were off and running! And what a beautiful run they had. Melanie ran with the confidence and grace that we have grown accustom to seeing in her and Dara responded to every cue. The final result was a clean run and a time of 40.41 seconds. GREAT JOB, Melanie and Dara!

Marcy Mantel and her dog Wave
The second team up for the USA was Marcy and Wave. Marcy and Wave got off to a quick start, making short work of the first three jumps. Unfortunately this would not be the day of glory for Marcy. Going from jump 3 to jump 4 was a 270 degree turn where Wave pulled to the inside of jump 4 incurring a 5 point fault. This left Marcy out of position and Wave entered the wrong end of the tunnel for a disqualification. Marcy recovered quickly after that and Wave was able to show her speed on the rest of the course, finishing with a flourish and a time of 43.22 seconds.

Dee Anna Gamel and her dog Kelsi
The final small dog team for the USA was Dee Anna and Kelsi. They had a beautiful run, incurring no faults and a time of 41.31 seconds. There was no question that Dee Anna had a game plan in place and stuck to it throughout the run. Dee Anna moved very quickly on the course, which allows her to set a tight, efficient line for Kelsi.  Nice run, Dee Anna and Kelsi.

Second Up: Agility Team Medium ran 2nd in the running order
Course length
Standard Course time 43 seconds
Maximum course time
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Jennifer Crank and her dog Guess
The first team up for USA was Jennifer and Guess. The team ran as one unit, looking like a perfectly performed ballet as they flew through the course. They ran fast and clean with a time of 43.28 seconds, incurring a .28 second time fault on an extremely tightly wheeled course.

Lori Michaels and her dog Skye
Next up was the team of Lori and Skye. Wanting a run with no faults, Lori and Skye gave it their all and ran with the confidence of a seasoned team, running their game plan to the finish. It was another solid run for the USA and a time of 45.29 seconds.

Karen Holick and her dog Sizzle
The pressure was on for the final USA team of Karen and Sizzle. Karen stepped up to the line knowing that it was all now on Sizzle and her. There is something special about watching a team under pressure deliver what is needed in the crunch. This team came through BIG TIME! With a beautifully executed front cross after the weaves cutting time, Karen and Sizzle raced through the second half of the course finishing with a clean run and a blazing time of 41.91 seconds.

USA/AKC Agility Team is in first place after the first round, leading by .23 seconds over second place Team Italy.

Third Up: Jumping Team Small
Course Length 143 meters
Standard Course Time 34 seconds
Maximum Course Time 55 seconds
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View final results for small team that include the jumpers course

Team USA/AKC was 6th in the running order for Small dog team.

Melanie Del Villaggio and her dog Dara
Melanie stepped up to the line and positioned Dara for the first part of the course, a three jump sequence and a tricky entry into the tunnel. After perfectly performing that part of the course, nothing could stop this team. They ran like the wind, taking obstacle after obstacle, clean and fast. Final time was 28.60 seconds. A super run for a super team!

Marcy Mantel and her dog Wave
Next up for the USA team were Marcy and Wave.  Marcy set Wave on the line, positioning herself near jump 3 for a lead out. After the first jump, Wave veered off through the tunnel, incurring a wrong course. Marcy regained her composure for a fast finish to the course.

Dee Anna Gamel and her dog Kelsi
Last but certainly not least for Team USA were Dee Anna and Kelsi. This team flew around the course flawlessly yet again. As Kelsi was in the weave poles, Dee Anna was able to position herself for a front cross at the end of the weave poles giving Kelsi a perfect line to the tire. With the last wrap then the chute behind them, the team sped over the last two jumps to the finish line with a course time of 28.78 seconds. 

Fourth Up: Team USA Medium Dogs Jumping ran last in the running order
Course Time 32 seconds
Length 141m
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Combined Team Results: Agility Teams Medium + Jumping Teams Medium
Team results Jumping Teams Medium


Jennifer Crank and her dog Guess
Jennifer and Guess led the team out in a fantastic run. She had good strong calls through the tight turns that had caused many a dog to slip. Guess nailed a nearly impossible weave pole entry with masterful guidance from Jennifer. The team finished clean and strong with a course burning time of 27.93 seconds.

Lori Michaels and her dog Skye
Lori and Skye were next up and went to the line, starting out with confidence. Skye had a slip and athletic recovery around one of the tight turns, never missing a cue from Lori. The weave pole entry, asking for very difficult maneuver from the dogs, was a bit much for Skye as he entered on the second pole. The team ran the rest of the course fast and clean, a beautiful completion to watch. Their time was 32.74 seconds.
Karen Holick and her dog Sizzle
Karen walked to the line with confidence and positioned Sizzle. The first part of the course was run perfectly until encountering the weave pole entry. After hitting the entry to the weaves, Sizzle was unable to wrap to the second pole. After completing the weaves, the team went on to run a fast clean course. Their time was 33.54 seconds.

Team Medium USA/AKC finished in fourth place.

Last event of the day: Jumping Large Team
Course Length 152m
Course Time 32 seconds
Maximum Time 52
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Team results: Agility Teams Large

The USA/AKC Large Jumping Team, being in third at the start, was near the bottom of the running order.

Carrie Jones and Jive
If this team felt the pressure as they stepped up to the line with a chance at a medal, it sure didn’t show. Carrie took the lead out to the tunnel and the race was on. Jive’s speed was matched by Carrie guiding Jive expertly through the course. Even when the speed caused Jive to slip in the weaves and a slight catch in the tire this team was undaunted. Carrie and Jive ran clean with a time of 30.41 seconds!

Linda Mecklenburg and Stellar
Linda and Stellar were second on the line. What can we say about their run? Shining like the stars they are, the course was run so smoothly it was breathtaking to watch. Consistent, confident and exciting from start to finish. The run was flawless with a course time of 31.32 seconds
Ann Braue and Spree
Ann and Spree were the last (but not least by any means!) to run. No pressure here, following two clean, fast runs and a medal within reach? Ann set Spree at the line and strolled into position like a walk on a summer day. She motioned to Spree and the rest is history. Grace under pressure would be an understatement. This team was one in fluid motion, covering the course like the seasoned pros they are. They clocked the best time of the team, clean run and 29.46 seconds of spine tingling excitement.

A side note from the commentators: We just finished watching Team Sweden Large Dogs run. The first two handlers ran fast and clean runs even though they knew what was to come with their team’s third run. The final handler came out without a dog and waved to the audience with a team mate on either side. The announcer explained that the handler had noticed her dog limping slightly so was withdrawing. The announcement was welcomed with a loud round of applause for respect of the handler. What courage it took to make the right decision for her dog, knowing the cost for the competition! And what a show of support for the rest of the team to run for the gold although that was out of reach. Dogs are more than just a team mate for competition. Dogs are for a lifetime! Lesson learned.

Team results - Jumping Teams Large
Team results - Agility Teams Large + Jumping Teams Large
Team results - Agility Teams Medium + Jumping Teams Medium

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