World Agility Championships

AKC/USA World Agility Championship Team
Oslo, Norway
Day Seven — September 30, 2007

Day 7 Agility Individual Large
Course Length:
Standard Course Time: 36 seconds
Maximum Course Time: 55 seconds
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Combined results - Jumping Individual Large + Agility Individual Large
Results Agility Individual Large

Daisy Peel and Jester running 64th in the running order
Daisy walked to the line, positioned Jester at the start and strode confidently out to jump 3. The start was controlled and deliberate as dictated by the course. Jester hit his stride on the dogwalk neatly making the both up and down contacts, then flew over jump 10 for a wrong course. That would be the only flaw in an otherwise flawless run. Their entry into the weave poles that were guarded by the A frame were a thing of beauty. Both Daisy and Jester gave the entire run their all.

Linda Mecklenburg and Stellar running in the 71 position
Linda and Stellar approached the line knowing that they could make no mistakes. Positioning just before jump 3, Linda sent out her first hand signal. It was received by Stellar and the run was on. The first four obstacles were very tight, and Stellar handled them with ease. Then speed took over for the rest of the course as Linda flung out cues to a fast responding Stellar. It was beauty in motion as they came down to the final two jumps, finishing their run clean with a time of 34.98 seconds.

Ann Braue and Spree running 83rd in the running order
Ann knew she needed a clean run as she and Spree moved to the line. Ann positioned herself in front of jump 3 and called to Spree. Spree wrap-jumped jump three, and finished the first technical sequence with a tight turn into the tunnel. Ann got a lead to the dogwalk and called Spree. What beautiful contacts this dog has, leaving no question in the judge's mind. The remaining technical sequences of the course were maneuvered by Spree with the expert guidance of Ann. This team finished strong and clean with a course time of 35.06 seconds.

Carrie Jones and Jive 115th in the running order
With a pat on the head for Jive, Carrie set her dog and moved into position just beyond jump 2, knowing that she needed to run fast and clean. The team handled the wrap to tunnel/combination eloquently and was on to the dog walk. Here's another dog with contacts that many of us only dream of. They were in the groove when Jive took a slight outside curve after one of the jumps in order to enter the tunnel correctly, costing precious milliseconds of time. Carrie and Jive had a beautifully run course, smooth and clean with a time of 34.91 seconds.

Placements Place
Carrie Jones and Jive 6
Ann Braue and Spree Ann Braue and Spree 14
Linda Mecklenburg and Stellar 16
Daisy Peel and Jester 92

Day 7 Agility Individual Medium
Course Length: 165 meters
Standard Course: Time 38 seconds
Maximum course time: 57 seconds
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Karen Holik and Sizzle running 21st in the running order
First up for the USA Medium dogs were Karen and Sizzle. Karen set Sizzle at the line and confidently stepped into position by the number 2 jump. Then they were off and running, burning up the course at high speed. Karen smoothly guided Sizzle as her dog met, making all of the challenges of the course. They had an especially beautiful entry to the weaves. Sizzle performed a fabulous seesaw as Karen quickly accelerated to set up the 270 leading up to the dogwalk. Their run was clean with a time of 35.24 seconds.

Alison Parr and Sadie running 23rd in the running order
Alison and Sadie were the next USA team to compete in the medium competition. Alison ran Sadie on an efficient, tight line and executed a perfect entry to the weave poles. She had a great, strong call for Sadie at jump 13 to guide her safely to the dogwalk, but a very closely called contact on the downside took the team out of contention. It was a beautifully run course by the team. Final time was 35.60 seconds.

Jennifer Crank and Guess running 39th in the running order
The final competitor for the USA was Jennifer with her dog Guess. Jennifer knew that it was all about time, faults were not an option for this run. As her other two teammates had done, Jennifer led out to Jump 2 while Guess stood at the line in anticipation of the fun to come. The line Jennifer set from jump 1 through to the double after the A frame was similar to previous teams. Jennifer asked Guess for an extremely tight entrance to the weave poles; Guess beautifully doing what was asked. The team had a clean run and a time of 35.52 seconds.

The USA team of Jennifer Crank and Guess MEDAL, took third place bronze medal in a very, very hard fought battle!! Jennifer and Guess moved all the way from 26th place after the first run all the way up to third place for their medal. Wooohooooo!!!!

USA Placements of Medium Dog Placement
Jennifer Crank and Guess 3rd , THAT'S A BRONZE MEDAL!!!!
Karen Holik and Sizzle 19th
Alison Parr and Sadie 26th

Day 7 Agility Team Small
Course Length 166m
Standard Course Time 38 seconds
Maximum course time 57 seconds
Speed 4.37 m/second
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Combined Results: Jumping Individual Small + Agility Individual Small
Results Agility Individual Small

Melanie Del Villaggio and her dog Dara were 3rd in the running order for Small dog team. Melanie set Dara on the line and walked out past the third jump to set up for the tunnel/A frame challenge. The team ran a beautiful line from the start, but the wrong end of the tunnel was calling to Dara, and in she went. From there on they had a fun run and finished with a nice sequence at the end. No time was given.

Marcy Mantell and her dog Wave were the second team up for the USA/AKC, running ninth in the running order. Marcy set Wave at the line and positioned herself for a nice, two jump lead out, taking the wrong end of the tunnel out of play. Wave had a strong A frame with a quick turn to the next jump, but turned tight to take the chute missing the tire on the way. The team had a nice, strong fast finish with a time of 37.07 seconds.