World Agility Championships

September 2007

2007 Coverage Well wishes for the team in Norway may be sent to AKC Rep, Mark Sjogren who is traveling with the team and will relay all messages to the team members. The address to send to is:

News/Updates Check here for updates on the 2007 Agility World Team. The FCI World Championships will be held in Hamar, Norway on September 28-30, 2007.

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The World Championship competition will be held on September 28-30, 2007 in Hamar, Norway. Watch the AKC website for daily updates on the competition action and results.

2007 AKC/USA Agility World Team Announced

The following teams will represent the American Kennel Club in Hamar, Norway on September 28-30, 2007.

14" Jump Height: SMALL TEAM

Melanie Del Villaggio - MACH2 Crystalove Dare to Tri Chaos (Dara) - Shetland Sheepdog (Tennessee)

Marcy Mantell - Plail's Few and Far Between CD PT MX MXJ NF (Wave) - Shetland Sheepdog (California)

Dee Anna Gamel - MACH3 Hilltop Kelsi Lee Kinsella (Kelsi) - Shetland Sheepdog (Georgia)

Andrea Samuels - MACH2 Starstruck Chase the Moon (Chase) - Papillon (New York)

18" Jump Height: MEDIUM TEAM

Karen Holik - MACH2 Triune's Feelin Hot Hot Hot (Sizzle) - Shetland Sheepdog (Florida)

Lori Michaels - MACH4 Romayne's Prairie Skye VCD 1 TDX (Skye) - Shetland Sheepdog (Kansas)

Jennifer Crank - MACH6 Sunshine Guess My Name CD PT (Guess) - Shetland Sheepdog (Ohio)

Allison Parr - MACH3 Norward Sadie NF (Sadie) - Shetland Sheepdog (No. Carolina)

26" Jump Height: LARGE TEAM

Ann Braue - MACH2 Speedoggie On A Crazy Spree (Spree) - Border Collie (Wisconsin)

Carrie Jones - MACH Sagehill's Time Steppin' Jive (Jive) - Border Collie (Virginia)

Linda Mecklenburg - NAC MACH7 Super Star OF (Stellar) - Border Collie (Ohio)

Daisy Peel - NAC MACH2 Jumpstart Maladjusted Jester XF (Jester) - Border Collie (Oregon)

Coach, Nancy Gyes and Assistant Coach, Kathie Leggett and Team Leader, Sharon Anderson look forward to working with the teams and preparing for the competition ahead.

Be a fan in stands and travel to Norway with the team. Contact Toni Osojnicki at

This year it is required that all dogs have a readable tattoo. It is much easier than a microchip for proving your dog's identity at the World Championships.

Norway requires a rabies antibody titration. To be considered for the team, a dog must have a FAVN-OIE rabies titration of 0.5 IU/ml or greater. This titration must be run at least 120 days after the last rabies vaccination, but before 365 days from the last vaccination (requirements of Norway). These tests are performed by Kansas State University and information for your veterinarian can be found at KSUCVM.

- If your dog has not had a rabies vaccination within 365 days (since 12/13/05), you should get a rabies vaccination immediately because of the 120 day waiting period before the titration can be pulled. Then on the 121st day, have a sample taken and sent to KSU for testing.

- If your dog is between the 120 and 365 day period now (12/14/05-8/14/06), proceed with getting your titer before the 365 days is up to avoid the 120 day waiting period.

- If your dog is was vaccinated less than 120 days ago (since 8/14/06), count the number of days until 120 days have passed and then proceed with getting your titer test done.

It also takes 6 to 8 weeks to get the titration results back. Once the dog has an adequate titer, they do not need further titration testing as long as they have been regularly revaccinated without a break in the vaccination protocol required by the manufacturing laboratory. To compete at the tryouts, you must have a valid titration test or proof that your test has been sent in to KSU.

We recommend you tattoo your dog immediately if they aren't already - and proceed to getting the rabies titration test using the tattoo number on the titration paperwork.

Any questions can be directed to:

Toni Osojnicki, Tryouts Secretary -
Sharon Anderson, AKC Agility Director -
Nancy Gyes, Team Coach -