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AKC 2013 Agility Invitational 2013277103 December 14, 2013
Dog Name Reg. Num. Whelp Date Owner Name Catalog Number Breed Code
Princess Amelia PAL200234 2006-03-31 Debra Runyen
08172 Pug
Gayhearts Winona The Pooh Bear DN11315407 2005-06-06 Darlene Paul
Greg Paul
08173 Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Chinak La Ren On A Whim TR82429702 2008-12-15 Robin Cohen
Robin Kletke
08174 Papillon
Goodspice Jalapeno Popper RN10839701 2006-02-24 Melissa Johnson
08175 Sealyham Terrier
Anderleigh Simon Sez Raizdroof TR45146302 2005-12-24 Carla M Bletsch DVM
Daniel C Bletsch
08176 Yorkshire Terrier
The Laird Macpherson RM32061401 2000-04-22 Ann L Schwink
08177 West Highland White Terrier
Tuppence Conway PAL253649 2009-06-11 Morna Conway
08178 Yorkshire Terrier
Ananda TR35172802 2004-12-31 Supavee Janlekha
Paiboon Tanapipatkulchai
08179 Shih Tzu
Cilloette Jumpin' Zak Flash TR77880201 2008-04-21 Kathleen Kreider
Larry Kreider
08180 Papillon
Radar Love of Stuart TR27971402 2004-08-18 Joanne Bridges Weber
08181 Yorkshire Terrier
Winter's Snow Lilly TR69673603 2007-10-08 Toni Brescia
08182 Maltese
Ms Audrey Morgan ILP102645 2003-01-16 Penny Morgan 08183 Poodle
Ketka Smooth Dealer HP33874703 2008-07-07 Cindi Capobres
08184 Portuguese Podengo Pequeno
Wicken's Macgregor O'Riley RN17307701 2006-03-10 Lynne Wickens
08185 West Highland White Terrier
Sadie PAL254700 2008-07-23 Susan E. Morrison
John W. Morrison
08186 Bichon Frise
Shelby ILP157704 2002-04-13 Betsy Smith
08187 Russell Terrier
Rudy PAL251054 2003-12-16 Russ Osiol
Joanne M. Osiol
08188 Maltese
Corwynt Tayken Crushed Ice DN13495502 2006-01-18 Susan E Stephon
Donna L Lonnquist
08189 Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Nutmeg V Dorndorf L HP00780107 2002-03-02 Maxine Brinker 08190 Dachshund
Heidi Go Seek PAL251471 2006-09-13 Amanda D. Crook
08191 Chihuahua
Camdyn Basin Street Blues RN14415001 2007-05-24 Doreen Pichette
08192 Scottish Terrier
Wildfire Heavens To Betsy TR86648901 2008-12-29 Lisa Evans
Robert Evans
08193 Papillon
Imaginethat's Best Bib 'N Tucker DN14563201 2006-04-28 Barbara Farrell
08194 Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Jenny Of Peachtree Cotons PAL250480 2008-12-15 Joan Gallagher
08195 Coton de Tulear
Shivk Her Father's Fire TR96710301 2010-03-27 Cheryl Morris
Marsha Shively
08196 Toy Fox Terrier
Wee Daredevil Demolition Demitasse TR83508101 2008-08-20 Emily Peacock 08197 Chihuahua
Drama Queen D'Assisi NP25629007 2010-03-08 Michelle Hrnchar DDS
Lori Hunt DVM
08198 French Bulldog
Sterling Of Burberry TR17359401 2003-08-07 Terry Fencl
08199 Shih Tzu
Wincroft I Dont Think So Chief TR59144004 2006-12-10 Deana Mitchell
08200 Havanese
A'Hylan Morrisienna's Moonflower RN13854301 2007-04-30 Marie Holman
Patricia H Marks, Martha Skapof
08201 West Highland White Terrier
BBF Irish Lace RN13847301 2007-01-14 Laura Chapot 08202 Russell Terrier
Wincroft's Wild West Willy TR24122504 2004-04-27 John Crone
08203 Havanese
Mico Marron TR98557501 2009-01-31 Kathleen E Brown
08204 Chihuahua
Amberln My Little Deuce Coupe NP20889302 2008-08-05 Sandra Roe
08205 Coton de Tulear
Candella Can'T Stop The Music TR74132903 2008-01-07 Karen Wlodarski
Carol Ochs
08206 Papillon
Shonleh He's A Magic Man RN16894303 2008-05-19 Patty Fornelli
Norman Fleming
08207 Norwich Terrier
Miss Mitzie Moon PAL253373 2007-02-14 Timmari Putti
08208 Shih Tzu
Addison Montgomery NP24225103 2009-09-15 Teresa A Duren
Susan S Westergard
08209 French Bulldog
Tonring Just a Puzzle TS12235601 2005-12-28 Dawn Weaver 08210 Papillon
Great Design By Goodspice RN21248101 2010-08-13 Conny Henry
08211 Sealyham Terrier
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