AKC European Open Agility Team

Salice Terme, Italy ~ JULY 27-30, 2017

Team Members:

Congratulations and in bocca al lupo to Coach Ann Braue, Assistant Coach Mike Teh and the 32 dogs (and their handlers!) heading to Italy:

Small Dog Team:

Angie Benacquisto and Sundae
Susan Cochran and Hedy
Britney Imhof and Bilbo
Kory Kaye and Kaemon
John Rowe and Jaeger
Cassandra Schmidt and Bliss
Lynne Schroeder and Targhee
Ami Sheffield and Pixel
Alan Benner and Genuine Risk
Jennifer Crank and Lucky
Jennifer Crank and Swift 

Medium Dog Team:

Chip Gerfen and Trudi
Diane Goodspeed and Bizzy
Marcy Mantell and Stripe
Kathleen Oswald and Whimzy
Jen Pinder and Britain
Jessica Ajoux and Fame(Us)
Anne Andrle and Super G
Sangie Brooks and Vette
Tawni Burknap and Jolt
Perry Dewitt and Verb
Soshana Dos and Glance

Large Dog Team:

Kaitlyn Dreese and Karli Renay
Channan Fosty and Kirk
Jody Lolich and Skillz
Melanie Miller and Integrity
Shane Miller and Luna
Kristie Moser and Mako
Abby Peach and Usher
Melanie Rock and Puma
Desiree Snelleman and Cru
Renee White and Scram