January 30, 2014
AKC In The Zone
TDU — Tracking Dog Urban (TDU) Optional Tracking Test began January 1, 2014. If your club is approved to hold tracking events of any kind it is eligible to hold the TDU Test. Submit an application just as you would for any other test.  No additional requirements needed!  All Tracking Judges are eligible to judge TDU events.

Tracking Judges — Provisional and Regular Status
Tracking is a unique sport in the sense that two judges are judging together, sharing equal responsibilities and awarding a title based on one passing performance.

Tracking judges are recognized as “provisional” or “regular” status.  The ONLY difference between the two is that a provisional judge cannot judge with another provisional judge. Why, basically due to a lack of experience as a provisional judge.  Each time a provisional judge works with a regular status judge they are learning.  Each regular status judge helps provisional judges learn and gain experience.  When a regular status judge judges with a provisional judge they gain firsthand insight into that provisional judge’s strengths and weaknesses.  We decided to tap into those insights to help us help further our provisional judge’s knowledge and abilities.

In the Spring 2012 Tracking Judges’ Newsletter it was stated, “In an effort to assist Provisional judges with their educational needs, we will send an electronic evaluation questionnaire to each Regular Status Judge after they have judged with a Provisional Judge.” While the concept was good, the process has proved to be cumbersome; therefore we are implementing a change to the process in order to alleviate the problem.

Provisional Judges should do the following:
  • Email or print this document to give to your co-judge.
  • Ask your co-judge to complete the form and return it to Diane Schultz at dxs3@akc.org as soon as possible once your judging assignment is complete. Or mail it to the American Kennel Club, 8051 Arco Corporate Drive, Suite 100, Raleigh, NC 27617.

Use the same form for all levels.

The regular status judge is not required to do anything other than complete the form.  The AKC Representative will use the information in addition to their observation of the provisional judge.

Tick and Flea Collars at Tracking Events
As many of you know ticks are a major problem in many areas of the country.  Dogs should be allowed to participate in tracking events while wearing tick/flea collars as these are not considered specialized training collars.


Pamela Manaton
Obedience, Rally & Tracking
Diane Schultz
Sr. Field Representative
Tracking, Obedience & Rally

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