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PEC Kit Orders

There’s more to PEC orders than meets the eye

When Public Education Coordinators have an upcoming event or show, they want to distribute an array of  materials about AKC events as well as brochures explaining basic responsible dog ownership topics such as how to care for your dog in the summer or what to consider if when thinking of breeding a dog, and many other topics.

All these orders, called PEC Kit orders, are fielded by AKC Subject Matter Expert Betty Nightengale. She came to the AKC from the West Coast five-years ago and has shown dogs for 32 years. She has bred Irish Setters and currently breeds Whippets.

Nightengale has worked with the AKC Public Education and Purchasing departments to create a variety of customized kits containing AKC resources pre-selected for content and quantity to best fulfill the needs of Public Education Coordinators who distribute materials and staff booths/education tables at events ranging from all breed dog shows to information booths at local shopping centers.

Nightengale takes the orders by phone, e-mail or fax and inputs them into the AKC central order system. The requests go through the AKC Purchasing department for record-keeping purposes and then go on to the AKC warehouse, where the materials are pulled off shelves and shipped, along with thousands of other orders.

“Sometimes people have the impression that I’ve got the stacks of materials by me and can access them within an arm’s reach,” Nightengale said. “The materials are actually shipped from a central warehouse miles away.”

“That’s why it’s essential for Public Education Coordinators to place their orders at least 45 days in advance,” Nightengale added. “And, if I have the orders on-hand even earlier than that, I can process them as much as three months ahead of time.”

Regardless of whether orders are received three months or 45 days in advance, orders are scheduled to arrive to Public Education Coordinators a couple weeks before their event dates.

“People don’t want to keep multiple boxes of stuff around the house, so we schedule it to arrive about two weeks prior to the event,” Nightengale said.

Because of the logistics involved in ordering and shipping materials, last-minute requests are highly discouraged.

“If someone’s event approaches and they realize at the last minute they haven’t placed their order in advance, they can always go to the AKC website, download and print multiple copies of Public Education reproducibles sheets and the brochures to distribute,” she said.