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Spring 2008

AKC Lauds First Quarter 2008 Community Achievement
Awards Honorees

Illini Great Dane ClubKudos to the most recent AKC Community Achievement Award honorees: the Illini Great Dane Club (at right), Lexington Kennel Club and Delaware County Kennel Club. Each club receives recognition and $1,000 toward their club’s public education or legislative efforts. To nominate yours or another club or individual, please visit here.

Read about the clubs.
PEC Kit Orders
Betty NightengaleThere’s more to PEC orders than meets the eye.

When Public Education Coordinators have an upcoming event or show, they want to distribute an array of materials about AKC events as well as brochures explaining basic responsible dog ownership topics such as how to care for your dog in the summer or what to consider if when thinking of breeding a dog, and many other topics.

Read more.
AKC Canine Experience has New Name
In 2008, the recently introduced AKC Multi-club Education Match got a new name: AKC Canine Experience.

Many people enjoy watching dog shows on television but don’t realize that it’s a fun, family sport that is easy to get involved in. The AKC Canine Experience is an invitation to and opportunity for dog lovers and potential fanciers and their families to learn the basics of AKC dog events, handling and basic grooming for their dog. This introduction is followed by a match to reinforce newcomers learning in a relaxed, friendly environment. Participating in a dog show or trial can be intimidating to a novice. Clubs across the country are joining together to host AKC Canine Experience events. They are replacing intimidation with education and hands-on experience. This event provides an opportunity for new owners to find out about local kennel clubs, meet their members and have an opportunity to ask seasoned exhibitors questions. This opportunity for the novice to have personal attention will pay dividends for both the new exhibitor and the clubs that participate!
Public Education Out and About
The Lawrenceville Kennel Club and the Cocker Spaniel Specialty Club of Georgia involved local students in Agility Trials; Lisa Pollard, PEC for the Shetland Sheepdog Club of Jacksonville, Florida, brought a fun and educational program to a local elementary school. Read more.
Looking for Public Education? Turn Left!
The next time you go to www.akc.org, look left for Public Education. Check out the vertical navigation column to the left, click on "Public Education." You’ll be taken to the PE section of the website where youll find loads of reproducibles, archived issues of department newsletters, links to Kids’ Corner and much more! We hope you enjoy this easy access to a wealth of Public Education resources.
Canine Ambassador Snapshot
Canine Ambassadors contribute to their clubs' public education efforts by making presentations to groups of children in classrooms or other venues. Often Ambassadors bring their AKC-registered or PAL/ILP dogs to the presentations. Read more.
Attention Canine Ambassadors!
Click here for a flier you can use to advertise your Canine Ambassador outreach to local schools and youth programs. You may customize it by adding your contact information. As always, print as many copies as you like!

Enjoy a revised grooming activity sheet to copy and distribute at your next presentation.
AKC Public Education Certificates of Appreciation bring Hundreds Thanks and Acknowledgement
Last year, at the request of kennel club presidents, the AKC Public Education department issued nearly 250 certificates of appreciation to fanciers across the nation for their laudible public education efforts.

An AKC Public Education Certificate of Appreciation, issued by the AKC Public Education department, recognizes the outstanding efforts and activities of fanciers to educate their communities about the AKC, the importance of registration and AKC events, purebred dogs and responsible dog ownership. The AKC appreciates the hard work Public Education Coordinators, Canine Ambassadors and other club members do to help spread the Public Education message. Click here for more information.
Published for club public education coordinators and others devoted to teaching responsible dog ownership.
Public Education Coordinators and Canine Ambassadors depend on each other, and the AKC depends on both groups, who complement each other, to help carry responsible dog ownership messages to communities throughout the country. In acknowledgment of these interdependent relationships, we have renamed our Public Education Corner newsletter AKC Public Education News to include both remarkable groups of volunteers. We have featured information that will benefit both Canine Ambassadors and Public Education Coordinators as well as resources you are sure to find helpful. We will publish spring, summer, fall and winter issues each year.

Renaming is a recurring theme of this issue. You'll note that we’ve also re-named AKC Multi-club Education Match to the new AKC Canine Experience. We encourage all AKC clubs to look into joining together with other clubs in your regions to host one of these spectacular and rewarding events. Have questions? Give me a call. I'd love to discuss this exciting new program with you!

All the best,

Larry Sorenson
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