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Fall 2008

Second & Third Quarter 2008 AKC Community Achievement
Awards Honorees

Congratulations to Ann McGloon, Elaine Shoe-Ezell and Suzanne E. Benchoff, recipients of the second quarter AKC Community Achievement Award. Read about these honorees.

Kudos to the most recent AKC Community Achievement Award honorees: the Lyons Township Dog Training Club, Linda D. Witouski and the Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club (below). Read about these honorees.

Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club

Each club receives recognition and $1,000 toward their public education or legislative efforts. Nominate a club or individual here.
AKC Launches New Exhibitor Mentor Program
New Exhbitor Mentor ProgramLearning the ropes in any sport can be difficult. Fortunately, the sport of dogs has a rich tradition of mentoring.

The AKC, in conjunction with the Dog Show Superintendents Association is launching the New Exhibitor Mentor Program. The program encourages local breed and all-breed clubs to continue in the tradition of mentoring new exhibitors. The AKC also recognizes that there is a greater need for mentoring than clubs can always provide. The AKC’s New Exhibitor Mentor program matches individuals who are interested in learning to show their dogs but who haven’t been able to find a mentor in the traditional way, with experienced fanciers who are willing to mentor newcomers, regardless of their breed.

Read more.
AKC Public Education Department To Oversee
Canine Experience Events

This past summer, the AKC transferred oversight of the Canine Experience program from the Events department to the Public Education eepartment. Formerly known as AKC Education Matches, the Canine Experience is a large, local, multi-club, educational and fun event that welcomes owners of newly-registered AKC dogs and educates them about dog shows and the many activities in which they and their dogs can participate. Read more.

AKC Canine Experience

Public Education Out and About
Brandon Florida Kennel ClubThe Brandon Florida Kennel Club’s 2008 Responsible Dog Ownership day was a unique and successful event. Held in conjunction with a 24-hour adoptathon in Tampa, the club brought the messages of responsible dog ownership and safety around dogs to the public in a direct and effective way. Read more.
Safety Around Dogs Program Update
Safety Around DogsDo you or your club use the Safety Around Dogs DVD/videotape and educational materials? Are you familiar with this program?

The AKC is planning to update the Safety Around Dogs, Your Safety Begins with You DVD. We'd love to hear about your experiences with the DVD, and receive your input and recommendations for improving this program and developing a new DVD.

Please send your suggestions and comments to
Publish a Letter Encouraging Responsible Puppy Buying
this Holiday Season

We are publishing sample text that you may choose to submit, as other PECs have in the past with much success, to the editors of your local newspapers and other community publications. Feel free to use the following model text, substituting your specific contact information where appropriate. Or change the text as you see fit to best suit your club's style. See the sample here.
Holiday Reproducibles
The holidays are just around the corner. Please print as many copies of these reproducibles and distribute and post them as you see fit.

Puppies are not stocking stuffers
Dogs and the Holidays
Published for club public education coordinators and others devoted to teaching responsible dog ownership.
Manager's Letter Since our last newsletter, the Public Education department has undergone a number of changes.

In August, Larry Sorensen retired as Director of Public Education. Larry served as PE Director for four years. Larry worked for the AKC for 11 years after retiring from a career in the U.S Navy. We will all miss Larry, and wish him the best of luck in his retirement!

I am serving as Manager of Public Education until late November, when Andrea Lane will take over. Andrea has been with the AKC for two years. Andrea is a Brittany breeder and fancier and has a wide variety of experience in community outreach. I am confident you will enjoy working with her.

Other exciting changes for the AKC’s Public Education division include oversight of two new programs: The AKC Canine Experience (formerly the AKC Education Match) and the New Exhibitor Mentor Program. Both programs are focused on educating new owners of AKC-registered dogs about the wide variety of activities available to them and their dogs. Articles in this newsletter highlight the role of these new programs.

As always, we continue to salute those volunteers who go “above and beyond” to teach the public about responsible dog ownership and the important role that dogs play in our individual lives and in the life of our society. This newsletter salutes the AKC Community Achievement Awards winners for the 2nd and 3rd quarters of this year.

Finally, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your work as a canine educator. Whether you serve as a Canine Ambassador, a New Exhibitor Mentor, a Public Education Coordinator or in other educational roles, you play a leading role in ensuring that future generations will be able to enjoy the companionship and sport of purebred dogs.

As our ability to enjoy dogs comes increasingly under legislative attack, your role in educating the public is increasingly important in the fight against bad canine legislation. The AKC’s departments of Public Education and Government Relations are working more closely than ever before. We believe that good public education can prevent bad legislation. Thank you again for your invaluable work!

After late November I will continue to work with you through the department of Government Relations. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

All the best,

Sheila Goffe
Manager, Public Education

   Sheila Goffe, manager
 (919) 816-3722

 Joanne Tribble, administrator
 (919) 816-3712

 AKC Customer Relations
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