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Public Education News
Public Education Out and About: Brandon Florida KC

Brandon Florida Kennel ClubThe Brandon Florida Kennel Club’s 2008 Responsible Dog Ownership day was a unique and successful event. Held in conjunction with a 24-hour adoptathon in Tampa, the club brought the messages of responsible dog ownership and safety around dogs to the public in a direct and effective way.

Prior to the actual event, the Board of County Commissioners officially proclaimed August 22 and 23 to be Responsible Dog Ownership Days in Hillsborough County, thanks to the efforts of Commissioner Mark Sharpe and the entire board of commissioners.

In addition to educational events, eight adoption agencies were represented including breed rescues, Animal Services, and independent groups. Despite soggy weather, dozens of deserving dogs found new forever homes with caring individuals and families.

The BFKC participated in force for the entire 24-hour event, providing knowledgeable dog fanciers to answer questions and distribute information about upcoming BFKC obedience classes and brochures provided by the American Kennel Club for the event.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the volunteers and the sponsorship of the AKC and others, the BFKC has continued to spread the philosophies of responsible dog ownership and safety around dogs to the residents of Tampa and Hillsborough County, and especially to those special people who found room in their lives for a new canine companion at the 2008 Adoptathon.

--Tim Golden
Public Education Coordinator
Brandon Florida Kennel Club