PE Corner
PEC New Year's Resolution!

Don’t delay. Resolve to work with clubs in your area to coordinate and host an AKC Education Match in 2008. Get on board – the AKC is ready to support your efforts!

Get started right away

  • Shetland Sheepdog. ©AKC
    Get commitments from clubs in your region to put on an education match: all-breed, Obedience, Agility, group and specialty clubs. The education portion of an Education Match requires organized presentations and individual mentoring. Experienced exhibitors from as many AKC breeds and sports as possible are necessary to answer questions and assist new exhibitors.
  • Designate an event chairperson – this position requires both leadership and organizational skills and the time to do it.
  • Select a date with minimal conflict with any other dog shows or events in your locale. Make every effort to schedule the Education Match immediately prior to the closing date for local shows for the new exhibitors to have the opportunity to enter these shows while at the AKC Education Match and, hence, increase the entry for the upcoming shows.
  • Once you’ve set a date and location, contact the AKC (Larry Sorenson, director of AKC Public Education, (919) 816-3722, or and complete an AKC Sanctioned Match application form (part no. AES999).
  • Invite a superintendent. The superintendent may provide ring equipment, arm bands, ribbons (with AKC logos and “AKC Education Match”), etc. AKC suggests awarding participation ribbons to each entrant.
  • Secure the participation of a helpful general purpose dog supply vendor who will offer for sale a wide range of dog products including leads, collars, crates, grooming equipment and products specific to the exhibitors’ breeds.

Three to four months beforehand

  • Meet with clubs and assign an Education Match chair and coordinating committee.
  • Develop a communications plan. List your event on local community calendars, place ads, print fliers, etc. (see “Spreading the Word: PR Tips and Tools” on the AKC website). Publicize locally to attract experienced exhibitors as well as the novice.
AKC: We’re ready and prepared to help you!

AKC will provide banners, AKC resource materials for distribution at an education booth or table staffed by local Public Education Coordinators, signage and logo banners for the show ring and show area.

In addition, AKC will invite local clubs and participants to the event. AKC will e-mail all the AKC clubs in your state and parent clubs an invitation to participate.

Six to eight weeks prior to match
AKC will e-mail owners of newly eligible registered dogs (puppies from 3 months to 18 months old) within a 100-mile radius of your event announcing the coming event.

Four weeks prior to match
One month prior to the Education Match, AKC will e-mail an invitation to the event, again to owners of newly eligible registered dogs, with specific information about your event and the appropriate contact information (or any other appropriate information provided to AKC).

Two weeks prior to match
Within two weeks of the match, the AKC will survey the invitees to gauge how many respondents and what breeds will be attending. The AKC will provide this planning information to the Education Match chairperson.


  • AKC will develop a media alert, press release and post information about your match on the AKC website.
  • Upon request, AKC will generate and provide a contact list of local media in your region.

Questions or just want to discuss the process? AKC Public Education Director Larry Sorenson is looking forward to talking with you. Contact him today at or (919) 816-3722.