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Start Planning an AKC Multi-club Education Match

Join together with clubs in your area and start planning an AKC Multi-club Education Match now! Together we can introduce new purebred dog owners to our wonderful sport of purebred dogs and will strengthen our sport for years to come.

An AKC Multi-club Education Match is a multi-club, multi-sport event that introduces and welcomes owners of newly AKC-registered puppies to and educates them about the sport of purebred dogs. The day-long event features educational presentations and provides an opportunity for potential owners to be mentored by experienced exhibitors and club members prior to an afternoon match, during which new exhibitors and future fanciers practice their newly learned skills. Only licensed and member clubs are eligible to host an AKC Education Match.

Once you’ve set a date and location for your AKC Multi-Club Education Match, complete an AKC Sanctioned Match application form (part no. AES999) and contact Larry Sorenson, Director of AKC Public Education, (919) 816-3722, or

A guide has been created to assist you when conducting an AKC Education Match in your area. You may download this manual here.