PE Corner
Customize our New Look with your Club’s Contacts

By now you may have noticed that many of the Public Education brochures have received some snazzy facelifts. In addition to updating and redesigning the brochures, we have formatted them to allow clubs to put your contact information on the back covers.

Brochures such as Keeping Your Dog Fit and Trim, Should I Breed My Dog?, The Right Dog For You, Canine Summer Safety Tips, Winter Care for Canines, Consejos de seguridad para perros en verano(Spanish version of Canine Summer Safety Tips) and Debo cruzar a mi perro? (Spanish version of Should I Breed My Dog?) now include additional space on the back cover below the mission statement and above the AKC logo. We created this space to allow clubs to customize the brochures by adding labels with club contact information. Please consider taking advantage of this space by including a label with your club’s web address, phone number or other appropriate contact information. The space is designed to accommodate labels compatible in size with the Avery 5160 or smaller.

Click on image for larger view of label.  
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