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April 2007

Fancier Fever Spreads at AKC Educational Match
AKC Educational MatchNearly a hundred new purebred dog owners came with their AKC-registered dogs to the N.C. State Fairgrounds in Raleigh one Saturday in late February and caught AKC fever. The AKC, with the help of 13 local kennel clubs, put on a B match and educational extravaganza by treating potential fanciers to one-on-one mentoring, presentations on basic handling and grooming and Agility, Obedience and Rally demonstrations. Read more.
Preparedness Saves Pets' Lives
By Marcy Zingler, AKC corporate project manager
Preparedness Saves Pets' LivesBe prepared! The Scouts’ motto is one that everyone, especially pet owners, needs to  adopt. Throughout the years, Scouts have taken an oath to live a philosophy of gathering knowledge to be ready for any contingency. The reasoning: careful and thorough planning would save lives. It did, it does, it will!

Never has preparedness been more necessary than today, not just for Scouts, but for us all. Hurricane Katrina became the rallying cry for acknowledging, “Yes, it can happen in my backyard.” Preparedness is essential for your life and the lives of your pets. Your pets depend entirely on you, so PREPARE.

Read more.
RDO Day Letter to AKC Clubs
Dear Dog Lover:
RDO DayThe AKC Communications Department is already busy planning the fifth annual "AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day." We invite and encourage all AKC affiliated clubs and dog-related organizations to take part by holding a community event that publicly promotes responsible dog ownership anytime during the month of September.

The AKC will be hosting our own events in New York City and Raleigh, NC on Saturday, September 15, 2007. These flagship events will highlight the AKC programs and services that support responsible dog ownership and publicize to news media and the dog loving community that events are being held across the country by organizations such as yours.

Read more.
Booth Kit
Certificate of Appreciation
The AKC Public Education department would like to recognize the superior efforts of clubs and their members that promote AKC purebred dogs and responsible dog ownership.

Activities eligible for certificates of appreciation include exceptional tables at dog shows, meet the breed events or dog show tours, visits to schools, “Read to Dog” activities at your local library, AKC RDO Day activities and other programs that educate your community. We would especially like to honor club members who have created long-standing public education events held year after year.

If there is a member or a group of members in your club who have done exceptional education work, your Club President can contact the Public Education department:

American Kennel Club
Public Education Department
5580 Centerview Drive
Raleigh, N.C. 27606
Phone: 919-816-3712
Fax: 919-816-4275
E-mail: publiced@akc.org

Please provide a short description of the PE accomplishment. A certificate honoring the club member(s) for their work will be sent to the club president to award at the next club meeting.

Published for club public education coordinators and others devoted to teaching responsible dog ownership.
Spring greetings!

Now’s the time to start making plans for the upcoming AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day in September. This year marks our fifth annual event. Together the AKC --  and you -- have made this a success. Let’s keep building momentum!

We are pleased to introduce and ask you to start considering a new project created to attract new members to the sport of purebred dogs – AKC Educational Matches. The AKC hosted a kickoff model educational match earlier this year, and clubs across the country are already preparing to host similar events in their communities. We are in the process of creating a manual to guide clubs through the preparation and execution of this multi-club collaborative project.

In the last issue of this newsletter, we mentioned some other new Public Education initiatives that we remind you about again now. Club presidents, be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to request an AKC Certificate of Appreciation to acknowledge laudible public education efforts by your club members. And PECs: Don’t forget about the new Booth Kit to make arranging and decorating your next educational booth a breeze.

Thanks for all your hard work.

Best regards,

Larry Sorenson
 Larry Sorenson, director
 (919) 816-3722

 Theresa Shea, editor
 (919) 816-3710

 Joanne Beacon, administrator
 (919) 816-3712

 AKC Customer Relations
 (919) 233-9767

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