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May - June 2006

New York Bill Would Prohibit Ear Cropping and Tail Docking
As many Public Education Coordinators and other fanciers are now aware, New York State Assemblywoman Sandy Galef has introduced A. 11242, a bill to prohibit ear cropping and tail docking. We need your help. Inform your fellow club members and other concerned dog owners that it is imperative that all fanciers and concerned dog owners contact lawmakers and urge them to oppose this bill. If you live in N.Y. state, contact your representative and the members of the New York State Agriculture Committee immediately and call for their opposition to this legislation. Even if you don't live in N.Y., you can help. Read more.

Calling All AKC Canine Ambassadors and PECs
Calling all AKC Canine Ambassadors and Public Education Coordinators, (PECs), to a summer of fun and service to your community. The summer is a great time to get involved with the youth groups in your community. The opportunities may present themselves in a number of ways; 4-H events, scouts' activities, summer camps, library reading programs, and day-care and other youth group programs. The important thing is to get involved!

AKC Public Education booth at the Sir Francis Drake Kennel Club show.
Many of you are already planning summer education programs and we encourage you to let us know what you're doing so we can share your ideas with others. Also, please remember that the AKC Public Education department can help you with your programs by supplying educational materials, including kits featuring lesson plans and DVDs about "Safety Around Dogs" and "Best Friends," (how to be a responsible dog owner).

For more information please contact the AKC Public Education department at publiced@akc.org or Larry Sorenson, AKC Director of Public Education, at (919) 816-3722. And if your AKC club has not appointed a PEC or Canine Ambassador, don't hesitate to contact us and we can get you started. We look forward to working with you!
AKC Community Achievement Award to Highlight AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day
--$1,000 Presented to AKC Affiliated Clubs Hosting Exceptional AKC RDO Day Events--

The American Kennel Club announced that the fourth quarter Community Achievement Awards will solely honor AKC clubs holding exceptional AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day (AKC RDO Day) events in September 2006. AKC RDO Day aims to educate first-time dog owners about the responsibilities of dog ownership and help current owners enhance their relationships with their pets. Read more.
PEC and Canine Ambassador Mission Statement
  • Bring the joy and excitement of purebred dogs to their communities by making presentations and coordinating public education programs, activities and events for their clubs that teach responsible dog ownership.
  • Promote the benefits of purebred dogs and AKC registration as well as participation in AKC events and programs.
  • Encourage fellow club members to participate in public education activities.
Published for club public education coordinators and others devoted to teaching responsible dog ownership.
In this newsletter, we most often have the pleasure of informing you of new AKC Public Education resources or sharing news of club Public Education Coordinators successful programs and events from across the country. In this issue, though, we turn our attention to the legislative front and the New York bill that aims to criminalize ear cropping and tail docking in that state. As you'll read, it's an issue that affects all dog owners, whether or not they realize it and it's something we all must rally to defeat. So, we echo the call of the AKC Canine Legislation department and ask you for your support in opposing this bill and for your help in garnering your fellow fanciers' support for defeating it.

On a positive note, we know many of you are getting ready for a well-deserved break from school visits as the academic year winds down, while many are also gearing up for summer youth and camp program presentations.

In recognition of the fantastic work you do for your dogs, your clubs, the AKC and your communities, we introduce the Public Education Coordinator and Canine Ambassador mission statement. Thank you for your efforts.

All the best,

Larry Sorenson, director
(919) 816-3722

Theresa Shea, editor
(919) 816-3710

Joanne Beacon, administrator
(919) 816-3712

AKC Customer Relations
(919) 233-9767
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