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&##8230; about all the AKC Public Education resources available to you and your communities? We guarantee a great return on investing a few minutes&##8217; time to view the Public Education section of the AKC website.

Following we highlight some of the key people and components of AKC Public Education. To order materials, please click here or call AKC Customer Relations at (919) 233-9767. If you have general questions about kicking off public education campaign, becoming a Canine Ambassador or have public education ideas to share or discuss, please read the corresponding sections of the website or contact any of the AKC Public Education staff. We&##8217;d love to hear from you!

The People
&##8226; Public Education Coordinators (PECs)
PECs are the lifeblood of AKC Public Education. The Public Education Department currently oversees a network of more than 3,000 volunteers from clubs nationwide. As volunteers holding the Public Education Coordinator office in your dog club, you organize programs in communities that promote responsible dog ownership, the benefits of purebred dogs and the AKC events and services available to purebred dogs and their owners. If your club doesn&##8217;t already have a Public Education Coordinator, then appoint a volunteer at your next meeting and be sure to sign your new PEC up with the AKC.

&##8226; Canine Ambassadors
Canine Ambassadors make invaluable contributions to their clubs&##8217; public education efforts by volunteering to go into classrooms or other venues with groups of children and make presentations, usually with their dogs. Each ambassador receives mailings from the Public Education Department with suggestions and activity sheet copymasters.

Materials and Resources

&##8226; Online Lesson Plans
Great for schools, 4-H groups and youth group programs, the AKC&##8217;s lesson plans for grades 1-8 feature topics such as: dogs in our community; basic care for canines; the cost of dog ownership and breed-specific legislation.

&##8226; Canine Ambassador Starter Kit
New Canine Ambassadors receive a Canine Ambassador Starter Kit, which contains a guide to making classroom presentations, past reproducibles, order forms and sample materials. New Ambassadors also receive a lapel pin for their dog indicating their Canine Ambassador status. A club may appoint as many Canine Ambassadors as it likes &##8211; there is no limit!

&##8226; Canine Ambassador Directory
Teachers and other parties interested in presenting an educational program on dogs to children may contact the Public Education department for a complete listing of Canine Ambassadors in their state.

&##8226; Public Education Corner Newsletter
This bimonthly online newsletter features successful public education programs, updates on AKC materials and services, and other information that PECs can share with their communities. Please send us your ideas for future topics and updates on your activities that we can share with the entire PEC network.

&##8226; PEC Starter Kit
New PECs receive a PEC Starter Kit, which includes background information on the program, copies of past AKC GAZETTE articles relating to public education, a how-to-brochure and order form. If you did not receive a starter kit when you signed on as PEC, please contact us and request a copy by e-mailing publiced@akc.org!

&##8226; Children&##8217;s Education Catalog
The catalog provides a comprehensive and illustrated listing of children&##8217;s education materials available from the AKC. A materials order form on the back page simplifies the procedure for requesting materials.

&##8226; Safety Around Dogs, Your Safety Begins with You!
This free teaching kit features activity masters and a dvd that teach children how to greet a dog, how to respect a dog&##8217;s space, what to do when you see a loose dog or group of loose dogs, among other lessons that help children behave safely around dogs.

&##8226; Best Friends Teaching Kit
This free teaching kit, which features a DVD, discussion guide and activity guide and copymasters for grades K through 6 promotes purebred dogs while educating children about responsible dog ownership. The revised 12- minute DVD shows children explaining how they care for their dogs.

&##8226; The Complete Dog Book for Kids
This children&##8217;s version of The Complete Dog Book, perhaps best described as a novice&##8217;s (of any age) introduction to purebred dogs, debuted in October 1996. With big, color photos featuring the more than 150 AKC-recognized breeds, the book brings alive the magical world of dogs for children of all ages.

&##8226; Kids&##8217; Corner Newsletter
Kids&##8217; Corner electronic newsletter is published annually in the spring and fall and updated throughout the year. The online newsletter educates elementary school children about responsible dog ownership, purebred dogs and the AKC.

&##8226; Purebred Dogs Coloring Book
The coloring book teaches basic principles of responsible dog ownership using an activity young children enjoy. Each illustration features a different purebred dog. The coloring books are distributed in bulk quantities by request.

&##8226; Responsible Dog Owner&##8217;s Checklist Bookmark
This two-sided bookmark features a responsible dog owner&##8217;s checklist that reminds readers of the basics involved in caring for a dog.

&##8226; Purebred Dogs Poster
The AKC&##8217;s Guide to Purebred Dogs poster, introduced in 1997 and updated annually, features an illustration and brief description of each of the AKC-recognized breeds.

&##8226; Community Achievement Award Program
This program was developed in 1993 to recognize outstanding achievement in public education. In 1995, the scope was widened to include achievement in the legislative area. Individual members of AKC-affiliated clubs or AKC&##8211;recognized federations and entire AKC-affiliated clubs or AKC-recognized federations may be nominated for the award. The AKC announces up to three recipients quarterly, award a certificate of recognition to each honoree and make a $1,000 contribution to the education or legislative campaigns of the honoree&##8217;s club or AKC-recognized federation.

&##8226; Careers in Dogs
Introduced in 1997, this resource guide informs high school students and guidance counselors about career opportunities available in the world of dogs and more specifically the world of purebred dogs. An introductory mailing in 1997 reached more than 4,300 high school guidance counselors and generated requests for more than 10,000 additional copies.

&##8226; Brochures and Reproducibles
The Public Education department produces a variety of brochures on topics relevant to purebred dogs and canine welfare, including dozens of titles.

Print and distribute as many copies of the Public Education reproducibles as you need. Each of these is a single-page informational flyer that can be copied and distributed.

To order any AKC Public Education materials, click here.