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Winter 2012 / 2013
Message from the AKC PAC Chairman
Dear AKC PAC Supporter,

Thank you for your support of the American Kennel Club Political Action Committee in 2012.

Last year proved to be a banner year for the AKC PAC. Because of your tremendous generosity and the leadership of many AKC club presidents during the Club Presidents Challenge campaign, the AKC PAC was able to raise an unprecedented amount — well over $30,000 — and invested over $46,000 to support dog and breeder-friendly candidates in key races this election year. Seventy percent of the candidates the AKC PAC supported won their races, proving that when dog people get involved we can be a force in the political world.

As we begin a new year, the number of legislative and regulatory threats targeting responsible dog owners and breeders continues to increase. We must not rest on our laurels. We must continue to be engaged in the political process. The AKC PAC is a great way to do that, not only because we have a track record of success, but also because AKC PAC delivers unsurpassed value by using 100% of your contributions to directly support candidates for elected office who understand our concerns.

The AKC Political Action Committee relies on you. Through your financial support as well as your identifying candidates who share our love of dogs and responsible not oppressive regulation. This is your PAC and it works because of you.

Although the 2012 Challenge is over, the work isn’t. In 2013 we will face challenges together not seen before. Your involvement, combined with support from AKC Government Relations, will result in the same success we enjoyed this year.

The official 2013 Presidents Challenge will kick off in September, 2013. As your Club plans its budget for the coming year, please consider the AKC Canine Legislative Support Fund and ask your members to consider the AKC PAC. Our online system makes contributing to AKC PAC easy. Check it out at www.akc.org/pac. We will credit any donations prior to September to your Club as part of the 2013 Challenge.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter. Of course, we are always happy to receive your feedback. Send your comments or suggestions to AKCPAC@akc.org.

I hope your holiday season was filled with happiness.

Carl C. Ashby III
Carl Ashby III
AKC PAC Chairman
Recipients of AKC PAC Support in 2012
See a list of the policymakers whose campaigns have received AKC PAC contributions in recognition of their support and efforts on behalf of responsible dog owners and breeders.
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AKC PAC Donors: 2012
Thank you to these individuals who supported the AKC Political Action Committee in 2012.
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New Flyer Helps Clubs Identify Options for Political Involvement
New Political Flyer One of the most common questions asked of the AKC PAC staff is, “Can my club support political activities or candidates?” Unfortunately, because of a confusing patchwork of campaign finance laws both at the federal and state level, it’s not an easy question to answer. To help, we’ve put together this informational flyer that explains common organizational structures for clubs and whether they can participate in AKC PAC or in AKC’s Canine Legislative Support Fund.
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