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Summer / Fall 2013
Message from the AKC PAC Chairman
Dear AKC PAC Supporter,

Recently, you received a postcard in the mail from AKC PAC, which reported that a new version of the AKC PAC newsletter would be coming your way. Well here it is! I hope you enjoy it.

I'm proud of AKC PAC's recent successes. Over 90% of candidates AKC PAC supported won their 2012 races. That is a success rate most other political action committees would kill for! But, as I'm sure you know, politics is often a game of, "What have you done for me lately?" We must build upon our previous success, and with governmental and public relations challenges that the purebred dog world has never seen before, that effort must start now. We must begin creating the war chest we can use to support candidates in the 2014 election year. I hope you will help by making a new contribution to AKC PAC.

The AKC PAC is your political action committee. By combining your contribution with those of other dog owners, the AKC PAC is able to financially support dog-friendly candidates in critical races, both at the federal and state levels. AKC PAC also represents an unsurpassed value, as 100% of your contributions to AKC PAC are used to support candidates (administrative costs are covered by AKC). What's more, those who contribute to AKC PAC are encouraged to suggest candidates who they believe should be considered for possible future support. Information on how you can submit suggestions are included in this newsletter.

Once again, I thank you for your previous support, and hope you will join in our effort to make the 2014 election year the best one yet for our cause.

Carl C. Ashby III
Carl Ashby III
AKC PAC Chairman
A Recap of 2012, Our Most Successful Year So Far!
See a list of the policymakers whose campaigns have received AKC PAC contributions in recognition of their support and efforts on behalf of responsible dog breeders and owners.
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AKC PAC Donors: 2013
Thank you to these individuals who have already supported the AKC Political Action Community in 2013.
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Request for suggestions for possible candidates to support
Those who contribute to AKC PAC are encouraged to tell the PAC about officials who have assisted in either promoting dog-friendly legislation or opposing anti-dog measures. You may also suggest new candidates who you believe will support responsible dog owners and breeders. Names of those you feel are deserving of PAC funds may be submitted to the AKC PAC by contacting the AKC Government Relations Department at (919) 816-3720, or via email at akcpac@akc.org.

Please note that contributions given to AKC PAC on behalf of a specific candidate are not permitted.
Let's Start Building a Successful 2014
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