A Newsletter for AKC Clubs and Their Dedicated Volunteers - January 2014
Chairman's Message
Alan Kalter
A New Year, An Evolving AKC
Read the January 2014 Chairman’s Report: A New Year, An Evolving AKC
President's Message
Dennis Sprung and Commander
At the December 2013 Delegates meeting, I was honored to announce a new award initiative - AKC Breeders of the Year By Sport – and reveal the 2013 award recipients.

The 12 breeding programs we honored this year have excelled in producing dogs successful in a companion or performance event. The commitment to preserve, protect and improve a breed represents the very essence of the AKC and these breeders have dedicated themselves to improving the health, temperament and performance of the dogs in their sport.
Taking Command
Government Relations News
In 2014, your involvement will be vital to preserving the rights of responsible individuals to choose, breed, own, properly care for, and assure the future of our beloved dogs. AKC Government Relations can help you protect your rights as a dog owner in your community, but we need your commitment too. As you consider your resolutions for the year ahead, please include these five easy steps to protect your right to own and breed dogs. The time you spend may be the best investment you make this year.
READ the January issue of Taking Command
Event Bulletin
Permission Letters
If a club wants to hold a show in another club’s territory, the club with the rights to the territory must provide a Permission letter giving the visiting club permission to hold the show.
If a club wants to hold a show on the same date and site as another club, the club that owns the rights to the date must provide a Permission letter to allow the other club to hold the show. If the Permission letter is for a specialty club joining an all-breed or group show, the Permission letter must list each individual specialty club as well as the type of show (designated specialty, evening specialty, concurrent specialty, or sweepstakes) they are permitted to hold. This is required because of the AKC rules, regulations, policies, and procedures associated with each type of show.

A club may designate the time period that the Permission letter is valid for. It may be indefinite, for a set period of time, or a one-time basis. Permission letters may be submitted via email (eventplans@akc.org), fax (919-816-4220) or postal mail (Event Operations, PO Box 900051, Raleigh, NC 27675-9051).
AKC News
Dr. Joseph Kinnarney Named American Veterinary Medical Association Liaison to AKC
Dr. Joseph H. Kinnarney has been named the first American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) liaison to the American Kennel Club® (AKC®), a position newly created to foster shared objectives between the two organizations. As AVMA liaison, Dr. Kinnarney will work with AKC liaison Mari-Beth O’Neill to ensure access to world-class health information for owners, breeders, and scientists, to educate new dog owners on preventative health and to support funding canine health research.
Club Publicity
PR and Social Media Tips
If you’re looking for more media coverage on the great things your club is doing, make sure you’re connecting with the appropriate reporters and media outlets in your area.

Here’s how:

Who's Who: Media Lists
You’ve got to do your homework and send press materials to the correct person. Since you live in the area, you know what the major outlets are already. Most often there is one major daily, numerous regional or weekly newspapers, three to five TV stations or “affiliates” (smaller stations affiliated with national networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, UPN, etc.) and several radio stations. Don’t forget local cable stations (they’ll be especially interested in community events) and web sites (there are many online guides that specialize in things to do with families or kids). Other tips for identifying reporters or assignment editors:
  • Reference past coverage — search for your breed or club’s name on Google’s news search feature.
  • Use resource sits such as www.newspapers.com, www.epodunk.com and www.radio-locator.com.
  • Call the main number and ask who would be the most appropriate contact for the information you have (identify specific names, titles and contact information)
  • You may need multiple contacts at one outlet depending on the angle of the story (Lifestyle, Calendar/Events, Pets, Education, Business editors, etc.).
  • Once you have developed your “media list,” save it and periodically update it as reporters change jobs or “beats” often.
  • If you can’t find the information you need, AKC’s Communications Department can help. Please email communications@akc.org with your request and allow at least two weeks for us to create a list.
Kudos to Clubs
...for promoting AKC events, activities and opportunities across the country. Recognizing and utilizing your members' particular expertise and capabilities to put your own "spin" on AKC's message points helps them go even further.

Kudos to Delaware County Kennel Club (DCKC) for microchipping 685 dogs in Delaware County, Pennsylvania as of January 1, 2014. To date, the club has held seven free microchip clinics throughout the county, including two large clinics co-sponsored by the Delaware County Council. Included in the club’s microchip total are the four new K-9 officers of the Haverford Township Police Department, Officers Jango, Jaeger, Kato and Barr.

Thanks to all of the clubs that routinely generate positive media coverage. If your club has an idea or success story to share, please send it to: Stephanie Smith, Club Communications Manager, American Kennel Club, 4th Floor, 260 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016 or send us your brag in an e-mail to communications@akc.org. We look forward to hearing from you.

The AKC Communications Team

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