A Newsletter for AKC Clubs and Their Dedicated Volunteers - December 2013
Chairman's Message
Alan Kalter
The Way Forward in 2014
Everyone who has ever produced a litter of puppies knows this time of year brings holiday cards from puppy buyers with heartwarming photos and most-welcome news about the progress and antics of those puppies during the year. The cards are both informative and inspiring as the breeder considers their accomplishments and what they hope to achieve in the year to come.
President's Message
Dennis Sprung and Commander
The AKC is always looking for new ways to support club members working with their local legislators to help enact reasonable canine legislation. I'm pleased to share two new initiatives from the Government Relations department that will help empower AKC clubs and federations to expand their community and legislative outreach.
Taking Command
Government Relations News
As year's end approaches, it's time to reflect on experiences and lessons learned over the past year and to anticipate the challenges ahead. On behalf of the American Kennel Club, we thank you for your dedication to protecting the rights of responsible dog owners and breeders in 2013. Your continued hard work and dedication to advocating for responsible dog ownership—whether as a Legislative Liaison, club member, a participant in a federation, an individual breeder, or donor—have helped ensure many legislative successes.
READ the December issue of Taking Command
Event Bulletin
Obedience and Rally Regulation Changes
The AKC Board VOTED to amend five sections of the Obedience Regulations and one section of the AKC Rally® Regulations to make the events more enjoyable.

These changes are effective January 1, 2014; please share this information with your Obedience/Rally Trial Chairmen and Trial Secretaries/Superintendents. .
AKC News
Winifred Stout
Winifred Stout Named 2013 AKC Breeder of the Year
Winifred Stout of Foster, Rhode Island was presented with the 2013 AKC Breeder of the Year Award for her Quissex Smooth Fox Terriers at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship on Sunday, December 15, 2013. The annual award recognizes the hard work and commitment of breeders dedicated to improving the health, temperament and quality of purebred dogs.
Club Publicity
PR and Social Media Tips
Types of Tweets
Is your club looking to join Twitter? Here are some examples of different kinds of tweets you can make. Of course, yours will be dog-related!

Ex. Personal Message
Ex. Brand (Club) Promoting
Ex. Industry (Dog Fancy) Related Article
Ex. Personally Inspiring Quote
Ex. Retweet
Ex. Message Directed Toward Someone
Tools and Tactics for Promoting Clubs
Video for Clubs
Has your club ventured into video production? It can be a great way to drum up interest in your activities and events. The videos don't have to be long or involved…even short clips taken on your smart phone will work!

Add quick snippets of your club's activities to your website or YouTube page. Work with a local producer or college student to put together a video preview of your upcoming show or trial to email to media. You could even share the cute things your members' dogs do on Instagram or Vine.

AKC recently visited Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund breeders Travis Wright and Johnny Hagerman to film them talking about their experiences as breeders and their love of dogs. They shared with us why education and mentors are so important, their advice for people interested in getting started with their first litter, and their thoughts on why we need good breeders breeding dogs. We hope you'll share it with your dog family and friends.

And, of course, there are plenty of adorable shots of the five cute pups in their litter: Peggy, Norma Rae, Miss Priss, Olivia, and Luther.

Kudos to Clubs
...for promoting AKC events, activities and opportunities across the country. Recognizing and utilizing your members' particular expertise and capabilities to put your own "spin" on AKC's message points helps them go even further.

Kudos to Piedmont Kennel Club (PKC) for appearing on “Larry’s Look” on the local Charlotte, North Carolina NBC affiliate to promote the club’s Meet the Breeds event. Check out the clip here.

In addition to the opportunity to meet all kinds of dogs, the event also offered entertaining demonstrations of Pet Tricks, Basic Training, Conformation, Canine Good Citizen, Rally and Obedience, as well as a microchip clinic hosted by Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control.

Piedmont Kennel Club also supported the NBC-Charlotte Salvation Army Magical Toy Drive and encouraged Meet the Breeds attendees to bring a new, unwrapped toy to the event to brighten the holidays of others!

Has your club gone above and beyond in the community? Let us know at communications@akc.org and you could receive a Kudos!
Thanks to all of the clubs that routinely generate positive media coverage. If your club has an idea or success story to share, please send it to: Stephanie Smith, Club Communications Manager, American Kennel Club, 4th Floor, 260 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016 or send us your brag in an e-mail to communications@akc.org. We look forward to hearing from you.

The AKC Communications Team

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