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Our AKC Community Achievement Award Winners:
American Kennel Club Honors Concho Kennel Club, Council Bluffs Kennel Club and Savannah Kennel Club with AKC Community Achievement Awards

Trap Falls Kennel Club Trap Falls Kennel Club for partnering with the United States Tennis Association to provide supplies to a military canine unit stationed in Afghanistan. USTA Military Outreach shared the following on their Facebook page:

The 3rd Combat Engineer Battalion Canine Unit stationed in Afghanistan is the beneficiary of a unique partnership that is bringing supplies to both the troops and their canine partners to help make their lives easier and to provide needed recreation. The Trap Falls Kennel Club (TFKC) of Connecticut "adopted" the canine unit and sent boxes of supplies for the troops, including items to help care for the approximately 70 dogs. Next, the U.S. Tennis Association, through its "Adopt-A-Unit" effort, will send portable tennis equipment to the unit's soldiers to help provide recreation. TFKC is the first kennel club in the country through the American Kennel Club (AKC) to team up with the USTA in participating in the USTA's "Adopt-A-Unit" program to provide tennis to the troops. "Since so many dogs are serving in the military alongside their human troops, it seemed like a good idea to expand the reach of giving to a canine unit, and what better group to initiate that than an AKC-sponsored club," organizer Cindy Sherman said. To learn more, visit usta.com/military.

To see photos, visit here and scroll down to December 19th.

Rogue Valley Kennel Club's Canine Ambassadors for the consistent canine visits they make in the community. Led by Public Education Coordinator Lucille Perry, the club's Canine Ambassadors have visited St. Anne Catholic School since 1999. The group has also visited schools and provided free obedience classes. "Ace," one of the Canine Ambassador dogs, has participated in the program since 1999 and is still visiting at over 12 1/2 years of age! According to Lucille, "He's aging gracefully and hasn't lost any of his enthusiasm!" In 2011, sixteen members of the Rogue Valley Kennel Club participated in Canine Ambassador visits.

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