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AKCommunicates! Winter 2006

Summer 2007

AKC Programs
Celebrate AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day!
The American Kennel Club has created AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day to help educate first-time dog owners about the commitment required and to help current owners enhance their relationships with their pet. Part of this initiative includes the AKC Responsible Dog Owner Pet Promise which brings the tenets of responsible dog ownership to life. It’s an oath that reminds both novice and veteran dog owners that raising a healthy dog is about more than just playtime and pampering. Training, grooming, nutrition, exercise and veterinary care are equally important in nurturing your best friend.

We encourage clubs to post a link to the Pet Promise on their web site so others can show their support by signing online. You can also print a copy here.

Read more about RDO Day.

Club PR Tips & Tools
New National Specialty/Parent Club Tips & Tools Booklet
A new public relations resource guide just for AKC Parent Clubs was introduced at the AKC Parent Club Conference in July. The booklet contains spokesperson tips, media interviewing tips and sample media materials to help your breed-specific club reach out and generate its own publicity during events such as national specialties and regional shows. If you would like to receive a free copy of the Parent Club/National Specialty Tips & Tools Booklet, please email or call us at 212-696-8343.

Use AKC’s “Deed Not Breed” Flier to Reach Out to Your Community
Breed-specific legislation is a looming problem for well-behaved canines and their responsible owners. Education is the best tool against this unfair infringement on dog owner’s rights, and therefore AKC offers this “Deed Not Breed” flier to make the important point that dogs should be judged based on their behaviors and not by their breed. To drive this home, several outstanding representatives of maligned breeds are featured on the flier, making it a good tool to pass out at club and community events or to post on bulletin boards in vet offices and pet stores. Contact your local media and send them the “Deed Not Breed” flier, along with a press release explaining why your club members feel these laws unfairly target the responsible dog owners not only in your club but in the community at large, especially if such legislation is proposed in your state or town. This flier is available as a printable version or can be ordered as a brochure from

AKC Offers Free Coloring Pages for Kids
AKC offers a coloring book for kids and recently new pages have been added to the website in a format that can be easily downloaded and printed at home. This is useful if you have an upcoming event but not enough time to make an order through or if you just need a small amount. You can download the coloring pages on the Public Education web site's "Reproducibles" page or just click here. If you have an upcoming event and want a way to make it “kid friendly” you might want to set up a coloring table with the coloring pages and crayons. This is a great way to entertain children whose parents may have brought them to a training class or other club function (such as a meeting or seminar) where the children might not be able to participate.

AKC News
AKC New York Headquarters to Host First Educational Match
The American Kennel Club® New York headquarters has announced that its AKC® “Educational Match” will be held Saturday, September 29th in Clinton, N.J. AKC held the first Educational Match in Raleigh, NC in March 2007. The purpose of these events is to offer the general public and new exhibitors a friendly forum in which to learn about the sport of purebred dogs, and to provide AKC clubs with a template that they can emulate in their communities.

Read more.

AKC Reaches Out to New Exhibitors at Dog Shows
A new program has been created to help exhibitors who are new to conformation events and increase the likelihood that each participant will have a positive experience at his or her first dog show. AKC Executive Field Staff will conduct new exhibitor briefings at shows which they are scheduled to attend.

This is a great way not only to educate new exhibitors but to educate your media and politicians as well. Send an invitation to as many local legislators, reporters, editors and producers as possible. Be sure your publicity chair or spokesperson is on hand to greet the legislators and press and answer questions. By establishing relationships with lawmakers it will increase the likelihood that your club may be consulted on future legislation or articles. Your show may even be featured in your local media!

For more information on AKC’s new exhibitor program read the press release here.

AKC Takes Initial Step Toward Formation of Political Action Committee
On Friday, August 10, 2007 a request was filed with the General Counsel of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) seeking an opinion on whether the American Kennel Club® and its member and affiliate dog clubs are “membership organizations” as defined under relevant FEC regulations, and whether the AKC® and its member and affiliated clubs are “affiliated” within the meaning of applicable FEC regulations. Read the press release here.
Website Spotlight
Note: “Website Spotlight” is dedicated to highlighting exceptional club websites. If you think your club deserves recognition for its well organized, informative web site, contact the Club Communications department at

Bulldog Club of Greater Seattle --

Well-designed and easy to navigate, the Bulldog Club of Seattle’s website offers great educational resources right on its front page, featuring a scrolling news section, the breed standard, links to the parent club, rescue, and the AKC.

United States Neapolitan Mastiff Club --

The USNMC website offers longtime members and new “Mastino” owners a way to connect and share ideas about the breed on their website. The site features an active message board where people can chat about anything from health and temperament issues to their latest triumphs in the show ring. Hundreds of articles are posted about everything from breeding, owning your first dog, handing, and hotel etiquette.

Read more about these websites.

Kudos To
Kudos to the following clubs for using their club’s specific strengths to promote AKC events, activities and opportunities across the country. Recognizing and utilizing your members’ particular expertise and capabilities to put your own “spin” on AKC’s message points helps them go even further.
  • Lake Eustis Kennel Club
  • Corpus Christi Kennel Club
  • Golden Retriever Club of Central New York
  • Wichita Kennel Club
  • Bismarck Kennel Club
Read how these clubs generated great media coverage.

Thanks to the all our clubs who routinely generate positive media coverage. If your club has an idea or success story to share, please send it to: Lisa Peterson, Director of Club Communications, American Kennel Club, 4th Floor, 260 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016 or send us your brag in an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you.

The AKC Communications Team

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