Quarterly eNews for Breeders | Spring 2014

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Better Breeding
Free Whelping after a C-Section
By Jeff Grognet, DVM
Your bitch had a cesarean section last year, and you’d like to breed her again this year. Assuming everything goes well and she conceives, you are now plagued with thoughts about the whelping: Should you let her free-whelp, or should you plan a cesarean?

This is a question many breeders face. According to Dr. Corry van der Ende, a veterinarian specializing in canine reproduction and a member of the Society of Theriogenologists, it all comes down to why the bitch had a cesarean in the first place — why couldn’t she whelp on her own?

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Royal Canin
The Importance of Pet Food: Digestibility and Palatability
By Jill Cline, PhD
Digestibility determines how much nutrition a food provides in a given volume, while palatability affects how appealing a food is to the dog. Both of these characteristics are important criteria when selecting the best food for your dog.

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CHF, Zoetis Offer Free Education for Breeders
The AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF) and its corporate alliance, Zoetis, have partnered in a podcast series devoted to canine reproduction education for pet owners, breeders, and veterinarians.

Throughout 2014, podcasts will be released on topics such as pregnancy diagnosis, breeding method choices, semen storage, and more. Podcasts are free to download, average 15 minutes in length, and can be accessed through the CHF website.

In June, CHF will release Infertility in the Bitch, followed by two podcasts in July and one each in August, September, and October. Past podcast episodes, which covered brucellosis, tips for fresh and chilled semen breedings, cryopreservation of canine semen and shipping canine semen, are available here.
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Points Enrollment Awards Redemption
5 Free Fedex Ground Shipping (US Only)
10 5-ct box Microchips

25-ct box Microchips
QuickScan 650 Pet Microchip Scanner

Shipping charges apply. You can also upgrade microchips to include prepaid enrollments for a nominal charge. Enrollment Rewards points have no cash value. Pricing and programs subject to change and can be discontinued at any time without notice.
Free Microchip Program for AKC Breeders
Did you know you can earn points in AKC Reunite’s Enrollment Rewards program when selecting Lost and Found with a dog’s AKC Registration? It’s true! For every dog registered by AKC with a microchip ID number plus the Lost and Found option, a point is awarded. For AKC Reunite microchips, the microchip purchaser will receive a point. For other brands of microchips, the Dam owner will be awarded a point. Points are redeemable for select AKC Reunite microchipping products, including ISO microchips and universal scanners. (See chart at left.)

By taking advantage of this AKC Registration benefit, you may never need to pay for microchips again! Plus, opting into Lost and Found with a microchip means more AKC puppies will meet AVMA’s recommendation that pets should have both visual ID from their Lost and Found collar tag and permanent ID from their microchip. What a great way to help lead more new AKC dog owners down the right track to responsible dog ownership!

To learn more, visit akcreunite.org or contact 800-252-7894.
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Breed column
The Singleton Syndrome
By Carolyn Russell Gold, spellbound24K@netzero.com
AKC Gazette columnist for the Gordon Setter Club of America, gsca.org
For breeders who have experienced the joy of the birth of a healthy singleton puppy, along with this joy come concerns about the inability of that singleton to receive proper socialization in the absence of littermates.

Lack of “normal” litter socialization can lead to a variety of idiosyncratic personality traits, ranging from minor to more serious issues that can create mild to sometimes severe problems, where the puppy feels he is the center of a universe he does not want to share with another being.

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Breed column
Preparing for Your First Litter
By Marilyn Harned. anat404@cox.net
AKC Gazette columnist for the Anatolian Shepherd Dog Club of America, asdca.org
Breeding a litter is a rewarding and challenging experience. It is also a very time-consuming, labor-intensive, and sometimes heartbreaking endeavor. It takes real commitment on the part of bitch owner combined with lots of patience, money, and months (or even years) of careful planning and organization before a breeding should even take place.

Here are a few tips for first-time breeders:

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Breed Column
Socialize Early and Often
By Cassandra de la Rosa. dlrcas@msn.com
AKC Gazette columnist for the American Lhasa Apso Club,lhasaapso.org
Technology requires that hardware devices—computers, smartphones, and so on—have software operating systems that enable them to perform the tasks we want and need. Dog personalities are not unlike technology. Temperament is hard-wired into the individual and governs the opportunities and limitations of the personality. Behavior is the operating system we are capable of controlling and modifying to our needs. How do we program the behavior we want in our dogs, to meet our lifestyles and needs?

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