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Fall 2013 The American Kennel Club's Newsletter for Breeders
Pyometra Panic
Warning signs and treatment of a potentially fatal infection
By Beverly Stanley, ELS
Katie bred her first show bitch, Missy, who had four beautiful puppies at age 3. Katie bred her again without success, and then tried again at age 5. About a month after the last breeding, Missy was tired, had no appetite, drank a lot of water, and urinated frequently. Her abdomen was swollen and she vomited and shivered. Alarmed, Katie rushed her to an emergency clinic. The veterinarian performed an ultrasound, finding an enlarged uterus. Based on her history and symptoms, he told Katie that he suspected Missy had closed pyometra and recommended an immediate ovariohysterectomy (spay) to save her life.
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Gordon Setter
Protect Your Stud Dog From Thermal Damage
There are many issues that can keep a stud dog from being able to reproduce by affecting sperm production. One is “thermal damage,” which can be caused by heat stress, known as hyperthermia.

The information we have about this problem is, unfortunately, anecdotal at this time with respect to dogs. There has been research on the topic with regard to mammalian reproduction in general (see “The Effects of Heat Stress On Mammalian Reproduction” by Peter J. Hansen, Dept of Animal Science, University of Florida), where farm animals were used for research, but there has not been any research dealing specifically with dogs. (As Hansen’s article discusses, hyperthermia can also affect females.)
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AKC Pet Disaster Relief Rolls Out Help for Pets Across the Country
AKC Pet Disaster Relief, a program dedicated to keeping pets and their owners safe during storms, fires and other natural or civil disasters, presented its first-ever trailer to emergency officials from North Carolina’s Pamlico County on October 30, 2013. The trailer was presented to Chris Murray of Pamlico County Emergency Management during a ceremony held at the Agriculture Building Plaza in downtown Raleigh attended by representatives from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, including Director, Emergency Programs Sharron Stewart, and the Department of Public Safety, including Deputy Secretary Ellis Boyle, as well as State Representative Michael Speciale.
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What's New on AKC Entertainment
AKC recently visited Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund breeders Travis Wright and Johnny Hagerman to chat about their experiences as breeders and their love of dogs!

They shared with us why education and mentors are so important, their advice for people interested in getting started with their first litter, and their thoughts on why we need good breeders breeding dogs.

Meet the five cute pups in their most recent litter: Peggy, Norma Rae, Miss Priss, Olivia, and Luther.

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We are looking for other breeders to share their stories to help promote breeders and the sport of dogs. If you have a great story or experience to share, let us know at
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You’re invited! We hope you’ll join us in a new AKC Facebook group dedicated to breeders — the Dog Breeders Education Network.

Learn about breeding, network with other breeders and support your right to breed dogs.

Visit the page here. Click “Join Group” at the top right to request entrance into the group.

Hope to see you there soon!
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Selecting the Most Appropriate Fertilization Method
By Rick Kesler, DVM
Reproduction management is one of the essential roles of any successful kennel. Its success is generally a result of proper nutrition, environment, hygiene, stress management, whelping area and having a complete understanding of the factors governing reproduction. Reproduction in dogs is the process where the sperm of the male reaches the egg of the female. The egg is fertilized and then moves into the gestation cycle, eventually producing viable offspring. Historically, that process was predominantly achieved through natural mating.
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