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Winter 2013 The American Kennel Club's Newsletter for Breeders
Kim Byrd
Puppy Evaluation
A Breeders’ Roundtable (Part One)
By Arliss Paddock
A majority of longtime breeders will probably agree that the most enjoyable part of raising dogs is watching that new litter of puppies grow and wondering how each will turn out.
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Hurricane Sandy response
Inside the AKC:
Hurricane Sandy Response
As Hurricane Sandy approached the northeastern coastal states, the AKC, AKC Companion Animal Recovery (AKC CAR), and the AKC Humane Fund, Inc., took immediate action to prepare all dog owners and let them know that assistance was available. From disaster preparedness and establishing a special fund, to helping the efforts of a Major League Baseball organization, all three organizations were there to help.
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Royal Canin
A Celebration of the Owner-Handler
Did you know that more than 80 percent of show dogs are handled by their owners? To celebrate the dedication and enthusiasm of owner-handlers, the AKC created the new AKC National Owner-Handler Series. This event allows owner-handlers to compete head-to-head against other owner-handlers. It not only makes showing more fun, it actually increases exhibitors chances to win at the breed, group, and best in show levels.
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Jim Smith
Absolutely Fabulous!
Jim Smith, of Absolutely Smooth Fox Terriers, Is Crowned 2012 AKC Breeder of the Year
The AKC named James W. Smith, of Absolutely Smooth Fox Terriers, its 2012 Breeder of the Year at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship, in Orlando, Florida, on December 16.
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Bulldog and puppy
Your Partner in Reproductive Science by Royal Canin
Maternal Behavior
One of the best traits a female can have in the eyes of a breeder is good mothering ability. Unfortunately, the mothering behavior of the dam or the female relatives of the stud dog (especially mothers and daughters) is not often a primary consideration when choosing the dogs to be bred. Mothering ability has a strong hereditary aspect, but other factors exert influence as well.
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The Whelping Box
Why Do We Do This?
By Bruce Sussman
The Whelping Box
Excerpted from the November 2012 AKC Gazette breed columns

"Why do you show your dogs?"

Good question.

For interviewers from the "mainstream media," I've often sensed the question is tinged with a certain degree of puzzlement and cynicism. Our endeavors in the show ring appear curious to them, even ripe for satire. Indeed, what we do has been satirized to great success on film and television. But good satire is born of truth. We all know that in its purest form, a dog show is meant to be an arena for evaluating breeding stock, and our best breeders and exhibitors still hold this as their primary motivation, even if the system does not at all times appear to be on the same wavelength in that regard. The satires usually miss that one, however. Instead they tend to focus on the now well-worn clichés — that for some of us the dogs are our surrogate children, or that the competition is more about satisfying our own ego-driven needs. And, I am sure, there are as many other motivations as there are people who show their dogs.

I have been asked the question so many times now that I have given it long and deep thought. Yes, many of the above factors might contribute, consciously or not, to my own reasons for showing my dogs, but there is one overriding motivation for me: I like to spend "alone time" with my dogs.
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