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Summer 2011
Canine Genetics and Breeding Strategies: The Basics
By Arliss Paddock
Dogs have been the companions of humans for more than 12,000 years, and over this time humans have developed Canis familiaris into the most diverse animal species on the planet. From the Chihuahua to the Irish Wolfhound, dogs exhibit an amazing size range and a staggering variety in physical features such as ears, tail, head shape, skeletal structure, and coat type, as well as in behavioral characteristics. Worldwide there are now more than 350 distinct dog breeds suited to a wide array of functions, situations, climates, and terrain. Read more.
Joanne Reed
Joanne Reed, of Windrift Keesonden, discusses the breeder's responsibility to the breed. When I was asked to write and article on one of my passions regarding breeding, I struggled! I wanted to write a great article that would hold your interest. There have been so many great and fabulous articles regarding breeding dogs, picking out studs, outcross breeding, inbreed breeding, to mention a few, that there are very few subjects left to cover. And to say that I can write a better article about any one of these subjects is preposterous.

So, in the back of my mind, I was thinking about what is a good or great breeder responsible for? It's a very important question that hasn't been covered. Honesty is the most important quality; the breeding and selling of puppies, breeding healthy stock, information about which traits your stud dog or brood bitch might pass on. Mentoring is the next most important responsibility. Read more.

The Science of Breeding by Royal Canin
The Science of Breeding by Royal Canin
Whelping Management Even for experienced breeders, whelping can be a very stressful experience, especially when dealing with a new mother-to-be. Concerns can escalate when the anticipated event seems to be late in starting or past due. The importance of knowing the time of ovulation, as closely as possible, is essential to have a predictable date for when whelping might occur. This is even more vital when planning cesarean sections for certain breeds. Read more.
What's in a Name Can Hurt You
Canine Legislation, and What You and AKC Can Do About It It’s hard to be a breeder or an AKC club member without hearing warnings – at least occasionally – about the vast amount of canine legislation introduced throughout the country each year. So far in 2011, the AKC Government Relations team (AKC GR) is tracking over 1,000 legislative proposals, and over one-third of them directly impact those who breed dogs.

For hobby breeders, one of the most significant new trends – and threats – are bills that define all breeders as commercial enterprises. For many, the concept of being a “commercial” or “high-volume” breeder sounds so foreign that it’s hard to imagine such legislation could impact them. But the truth is, commercial breeder legislation can impact anyone who keeps intact dogs, and especially anyone who has ever bred – or may breed a dog. Read more.

The Hartford
Responsible Owners, Well-Mannered Dogs
AKC and Hartford team to help your pet clients do the right thing  Every responsible breeder hopes that their puppies will be going to good homes where they are cared for, provided with basic training, and loved. Many first-time puppy owners want to be responsible, but they just don’t know where to start. Not all of the puppies you place in loving homes will go on to become conformation champions, but there are two AKC programs in which everyone can win. Read more.
K9 Advantix II
7 reasons to protect your dogs from ticks – and one easy way to do it
Canine vector-borne diseases (CVBDs) are a serious threat for dogs. Ticks can transmit organisms that may cause diseases such as Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, and others. The good news is there's an easy, effective way to protect the dogs in your care from ticks. Read more.

K9 Advantix II -- In addition to repelling and killing ticks and fleas, K9 Advantix II also repels and kills mosquitoes, repels biting flies, and kills lice.

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Whelping can be stressful, even for experienced breeders. Knowing how to accurately calculate the gestation period, the recognition of whelping indicators and knowledge regarding the stages of whelping can help raise the comfort level for even the most novice of breeders. Royal Canin's article this issue on whelping management, by Melinda Fleming, DVM, is sure to be informative to all breeders.

Our feature article is "Canine Genetics and Breeding Strategies," with part one covering the basics of genetics and a glossary of associated terms. Part two, which will appear in our Fall issue, will cover pedigree analysis and the genetic aspects of certain strategies in dog breeding.

"Advice from the Breeder": Joanne Reed, AKC's Non-Sporting Group representative in the 2010 Breeder of the Year Award program, discusses what she considers to be the breeder's second most important responsibility, mentoring. Second only to overall honesty, Joanne believes that mentoring should begin from the moment a breeder sells a puppy to a new owner of the breed.

"Inside AKC" is an important piece by the AKC's Government Relations department on the various forms of canine legislation being introduced throughout our country, what the AKC is doing to help, and how breeders and clubs canĀ  get involved.

And lastly, information on the AKC's Canine Good Citizen® and S.T.A.R. programs, and how the Hartford Financial Services Group, in becoming their sponsor, is assisting the AKC in helping families have positive relationships with their dogs.

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