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Spring 2011
Puppy Socialization: Key to Preventing Behavior Problems
By Arliss Paddock
After you have carefully planned a breeding for optimal health, temperament, ability, and breed quality, your primary responsibility as a breeder is to ensure a happy, permanent home for every puppy. An essential part of making sure that “forever home” will work out is seeing to it that each puppy is properly socialized during the early part of her life—especially during the most critical period of approximately 7 to 12 weeks of age. Read more.
Bred-by-Exhibitor Medallion
Winners Gallery Honors Breeders of Merit
The AKC Weekly Winners Gallery, a digital e-mail newsletter featuring photos of top dogs and news of recent wins, now recognizes AKC Breeders of Merit.

Celebrating its one-year anniversary this past January, the Gallery has incorporated many enhancements and additions over the past months. One extra feature is the Bred-by-Exhibitor Medallion Winners Gallery. Occasionally included, this mini-Gallery lists the most recent gold and silver Bred-by-Exhibitor Medallion winners. And now with the new AKC Breeder of Merit program, AKC Breeders of Merit are denoted as such for the dogs of their breeding that appear in the Gallery. Read more.

The Science of Breeding by Royal Canin
The Science of Breeding by Royal Canin
The Canine Reproductive Cycle: A Complex Biological Process Beginning with proestrus and ending with anestrus, the canine reproductive cycle is a complex biological orchestration of events which must progress in a precise manner to have a successful outcome: healthy puppies. Ovulation, or release of eggs from the ovary, is one of the most important events in the reproductive cycle. It occurs during the second phase of the estrous cycle and can be monitored by blood tests or vaginal cytology. Although this knowledge can give the breeder the most accurate time frame for successful mating, there are still many variables that determine whether puppies will be born. Read more.
Debbie Butt
The Magnificent Seven
Since its founding in 1884, the American Kennel Club has been the organization of choice for people who are devoted to purebred dogs. This commitment to preserve, protect, and improve a chosen breed represents the very essence of the AKC and is the basis for the sport of purebred dogs. Accordingly, each year, the AKC recognizes and celebrates our breeders, the backbone of our sport.

Each year, a breeder is chosen from each of the seven groups: Sporting, Hound, Working, Terrier, Toy, Non-Sporting, and Herding. Medallions are presented at the annual AKC/Eukanuba National Championship to each group recipient in recognition of their achievements. Read more.

AKC Juniors
Juniors: Your Support Is Needed
Is your breed in need of new, young breeders? Or should I ask, what breed isn't at this point in time?

Junior Showmanship competition is where many active breeders and club members were originally introduced to our sport, whether as competitors or the parents who caught the dog-show bug while watching their junior compete. Read more.

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The American Kennel Club's Breeder of the Year Award presentation took place on December 5 in Long Beach, California, at the Tenth Annual AKC/Eukanuba National Championship, where Debbie Butt, of Sporting Fields Whippets fame, was named our 2010 Breeder of the Year. See page 4 of this issue for photos and biographies of these seven exceptional breeders. Congratulations to all!

Our feature article this issue is on puppy socialization entitled "Key to Preventing Behavior Problems" and covers how and when various types of puppy socialization are most beneficial. Also featured is a short article on The AKC Weekly Winners Gallery newsletter. Having just celebrated its first anniversary, the digital e-mail newsletter has grown tremendously in its first year. One of its newest additions is its salute to new Bred-by-Exhibitor Medallion recipients. Junior Showmanship is the topic of yet another article from the AKC this issue. Juniors are our future, and the AKC is doing their part to encourage and enrich the experience for the young enthusiasts interested in the sport of purebred dogs.

And finally, from Royal Canin, we present their review of "The Canine Reproductive Cycle: A Complex biological Process."

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