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Winter 2010
AKC Registrations

Help Your Puppies and Their New Families Get a Great Start

It goes without saying: Breeders love their puppies and want them to get the best start they can. AKC offers a wide array of services that help breeders not only find the right families for their puppies, but also ensure that their puppies will enjoy a life full of good health, safety, and happiness with their new families.

Online Breeder Classifieds
AKC knows that sometimes it is not easy for breeders to make a connection with prospective owners who are interested in purchasing a new puppy. However, each year well over two million visitors recognize AKC as the trusted dog authority by going to the AKC website and searching for available puppies.

Our Online Breeder Classifieds (OBC) service, sponsored by K9 Advantix, gives breeders maximum exposure to those potential puppy buyers by advertising puppies that are available to new homes. Each ad features a breeder profile, litter information, direct contact information for the breeder, other customizable information, and a link to each breeder’s own website.

At a cost of only $25 for a 60-day run (or free for Breeder of Merit program participants), OBC ads are a great value, and offer vastly more exposure and versatility than traditional local newspaper ads. And breeders who are members of a parent, all-breed, or specialty club enjoy primary ad placement! See more information here.

Full Litter PLUS
Online Breeder Classifieds are not the only way AKC helps breeders with their puppies. Thanks to AKC’s new registration options, it has never been easier for breeders to register their puppies and have the benefits of registration—including a complimentary trial of pet health care, a certificate for a free first-time veterinary visit, the AKC New Puppy Handbook, a frameable certificate, and more—ready for new owners to enjoy as soon as they take their new puppy home.

The new Full Litter PLUS form allows breeders to register all puppies from a litter at the time of litter registration, each either in the name of the breeder or of the new puppy owners, all at a discounted price. This assures that all puppies have been registered and ownership recorded. If a name has not been selected for a puppy at the time of registration, AKC will later contact the new puppy owner to get the name of the puppy.

Added benefits of this process include ensuring puppies you choose will carry your kennel name, and dogs you have bred have been designated Full or Limited.

Full Litter Offspring PLUS
Another new registration option, the Full Litter Offspring PLUS form, allows breeders who have already registered their litter a second opportunity to register all puppies in a litter for a discounted price. Puppies may be each registered either in the name of the breeder or of the new puppy buyers. AKC will later contact the new puppy buyer to get the name of their puppy if the puppy is not named at the time of registration.

If these options are not the right fit, the traditional, two-tier registration process remains a great choice, and can be easily completed when a new owner picks up their puppy.

Breeders are advocates for registration, and new owners will register with AKC if advised by the breeder to do so.

It’s easy: After completing the sales contract and reviewing health and training information with the new owner, breeders should fill out the registration paperwork, collect the appropriate payment, and return both to AKC. If Internet access is available, registering the puppy using AKC’s online dog registration is even quicker! (And for breeders who sell their puppies with a spay/neuter agreement, Limited Registration at the time of sale is available.)

Completing the registration process when new owners pick up their puppy gives breeders a chance to tell them of the many valuable benefits they and their puppy will receive from AKC registration that will help their puppy get a good start in their new home. See more information here. 

Lost & Found
Breeders who want their puppies and new owners to enjoy a lifetime of protection and peace of mind can encourage puppy buyers to take advantage of the “Lost & Found” offer available from AKC Companion Animal Recovery.

Available at registration for a one-time discounted fee of $15, new puppies will enjoy lifetime enrollment in the AKC Companion Animal Recovery Pet Recovery Service and a high-quality blue acrylic AKC Collar Tag imprinted with the dog’s unique registration number and a toll-free recovery number. If the unthinkable happens and their new puppy becomes lost, owners should simply call one of our pet recovery specialists—available 24/7—who will use the puppy’s registration number to help reunite them with their owner.

In Conclusion …
As you can see, by taking advantage of the many registration and service options available from AKC, breeders can help ensure their puppies get their best start possible with their new families. What are you waiting for? Visit akc.org and get all the benefits your puppies deserve!

Ronald N. Rella, Director, Breeder Services
Email: AKCbreeder@akc.org
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